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Living Room Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. Modern living room decorating : What's the most popular tip ?

    I just wonder what the most popular idea at modern living room decorating is ?

  2. What are some living room decorating ideas/color schemes?

    I am trying to redecorate my living room. I live in an apartment so I do not have a huge space to work with. I currently have tan corduroy type couches (I'm not sure how you would describe them)- I have a couch and loveseat. I am trying to decide on colors to add to the room- as I have white walls and tan carpets. I'd like to add some colorful pillows, throws, curtains and decor but I do not really know what colors to go with. Any ideas would be appreciated!

  3. So im trying to decorate my living room in a 1400's old world explorer theme?

    So im trying to decorate my living room in a 1400's old world explorer theme and cannot find what the official theme name is. Ive tried magellan, old world explorer, nautical decor, and im not finding what im searching for any ideas? Thanks!

  4. How should I decorate my cranberry red living room?

    My husband and I just painted our living room cranberry red. I'm starting to think about decorating ideas, but am having a hard time figuring out what will work with the bright color and home style. It's a 1920's bungalow, so I want to keep that old, comfortable style and mix it up with some classic Pottery Barn designs. We have a greenish/brown Pottery Barn couch, oversized club chair, brown rectangular ottoman (used as a coffee table alternative), and a beige/sage Persian rug. I was thinking of black and white photographs of places we've visited, but I need other options. Maybe vintage Parisian/Italian posters? Would that be too busy/much? What suggestions do you have for accent table finishes, wall decor, and picture frame finishes? Also, is it okay to have brown wood furniture with black-framed wall art?

  5. What are some good living room and kitchen decorating themes?

    I am in the process of buying a condo. The living room and kitchen are both medium sized. I do not like safari or anything like that. No tiger, zebra, leopard, etc. I was thinking a cafe theme for the kitchen but I am not sure. Any help would be great!

  6. How can I hang family pictures in the living room?

    Hello. I live in a house that has an open floorplan and it lacks a lot of wall space. There is not much hallway in between bedrooms and no extra walls anywhere. I am quickly accumulating pictures of my kids, husband, etc and am running out of wall space. Would it be bad to create a wall in the living room or dining room with just family photos? Right now I have a beautifully decorated living room. But I really want to display these pictures. Anyone have any good advice? There are about 25 framed photos.

  7. What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a living room cozy?

    I'm going to begin decorating my living room. It's plain I only have 2 sofa's my 47inch LCD and my PC with a desk. Oh I also have a lamp. I want to decorate but I don't want it to look cluttered.

  8. What accent colors to decorate my living room? My walls are light yellow and my furniture is dark brown.?

    I am trying to find an accent color to decorate my living room (throw pillows, vases, etc.). My walls are light yellow, my furniture is a dark chocolate brown (large sectional and tv stand) and my window curtains are a tan to light mocha color. I am trying to keep a contemporary look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  9. How Do I decorate my apartments living room?

    Ok well i need to decorate my apartments living room i just moved in and i absolutely don't have nothing. I want to decorated modern but not expensive. Where should i go buy all my furniture?

  10. How do I decorate my living room in a bohemian style?

    My family and I are moving to a new home and never really decorated any room in our house. I am pretty sure I want to do a bohemian style for the living room any ideas.

  11. How can I decorate a living room with white walls?

    I'm trying to decorate a house with white walls, we can't paint them. I want the living room to look really warm and comfy,chocolate brown and olive green, with sunset orange as an accent color. What could I do to achieve a real homey, sort of enclosed look with white walls?

  12. I wanted to decorate my living room a Paris theme and kitchen Asian theme, is that too much?

    Just purchased a home so now we're in the process of decorating from top to bottom. I love the whole Paris theme for my living room yet I also love the Asian theme as well. So I figured I would do my kitchen area with the Asian theme. Do you think that is too much or would it be just fine.

  13. How can i decorate the living room for a ghost party?

    I am having a ghost party soon and i want to decorate the living room. I don't want to spend Too much money. Is there anyhting i can do with scrap things? Thanx sooo much

  14. What accent colors would go well in a living room with a black futon?

    I would like to decorate my living room. Right now the furniture that I have is a black futon, black end tables, and a dining table with chairs with blue upholstery. I also have a dark green chenille blanket throw. I would like to use blue as one of the accent colors (i.e. with throw pillows or wall decor or something like that). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what colors would go well together with the furniture I have right now?