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Pottery Barn Outlet Questions Answered!

  1. what is the difference between goods sold at the pottery barn outlet and pb retail stores?

    I want to know if there is any change in the quality of fabrics in quilts and duvets that are sold in the pottery barn oulet from the ones that are sold in the pottery barn retail shops.

  2. How can I get discontinued pottery barn furniture aside from the outlet and ebay?

    Do any online stores carry this merchandise? I was looking for a sofa that pottery barn used to carry but they have discontinued it and i cannot find it anywhere.

  3. How do you order wholesale lots from Pottery Barn?

    I see many people on ebay who sell hundreds of pottery barn items that look to be catalog returns or overstocks. I imagine these people are buying wholesale lots. Does anyone know how to buy catalog overstocks from pottery barn besides going to their outlets? I know QVC sells "grab bag" wholesale lots of catalog returns - does Pottery Barn do the same? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Where can I find pottery barn type chalkboard, corkboard, and peg board squares for a better price?

    Of course I love pottery barn stuff, but the prices are outrageous. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find any of these items for better prices. Here is a link to what I am talking about. Thanks! http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/f824/index.cfm?pkey=cacclet%7Ck

  5. Does anyone know a good place to find a discontinued Pottery Barn Duvet Cover?

    I have driven myself crazy looking for the discontinued Pottery Barn Lyon Porcelain Duvet cover or fabric. I have tried calling the catalog,ebay, craigslist and searching all over the internet.I know it seems stupid, but mine got ruined and it is important to me for sentimental reasons. Any ideas?? pottery barn lyon porcelain toile

  6. what type of clothes should i wear to a interview at pottery barn?

    pottetry barn is an outlet for is something like a bath and beyond or something of that nature?

  7. Can anyone find this Pottery Barn table for less someplace else?

    Here is the table I like at Pottery Barn, but the price is way too high. Can anyone help me to find this same/similiar table way below Pottery Barn's asking price? I don't live near any PB outlet stores. If you can provide a link with a similiar looking table that would be great! I don't mind buying the table online. Thanks so much for helping me out with this. http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p8490/index.cfm?pkey=gTHMDRE

  8. Where can I order discount PB charleston style sofa slipcovers?

    I have a PB charleston style Mitchell Gold sofa and its fabulous but the 6 year old slipcovers are wearing - the sofa and cushions are in excellent condition. My slipcovers are better quality than pottery barn's and I want to replace them without paying a fortune - any ideas? Thanks, PB's quality of fabric isn't long wearing and too expensive, I was hoping for something else! Thanks though on the outlet tip!

  9. what are some good stores to get bedding at?

    this is where ive already been(online): elder-beerman jcpenney macy's target sear's peir 1 linens-n-things bed bath and beyond thomasville pbteen and pottery barn can u think of any others?thanks so much!

  10. Where do power sellers on ebay get their items to sell?

    Do they steal them??? I don't get this whole ebay thing when the sellers have their own store where they sell things such as pottery barn returns, when there is nothing wrong with the items and they are not discontinued. Where are they getting them? Please explain this to me. What's a "drop shipper"?

  11. Are PB teen products sold in pottery barn stores?

    Pottery Barn has a branch of products of things for teens called PB teen. you can buy the stuff online but i was wondering if you could purchase PB teen products in the Pottery Barn store itself

  12. Anyone shop at the Audubon Shopping Center in Memphis TN?

    Hi! I live in St. Louis and thought about taking a day trip to go visit the outlet stores - Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma in particular. Is there a lot at these stores? Would it be worth a 5 hour drive? Thanks!

  13. What do stores like Crate and Barrell and Pottery barn do with its furniture from last year's collection?

    Do they ship it to some kind of outlet store where they resell it for cheaper?

  14. Can someone help me identify what collection of PBK nursery bedding this is?

    This is from Pottery Barn Kids and I am trying to find the name of the collection. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/bab/1935444377.html I pick best answer

  15. Where can I buy a nice dining table comparable in style to Pottery Barn, but for less money?

    I'm looking for a rectangular mohogany or cherry wood table with turned legs. I've been looking online, but not sure about the vendors I'm coming across. Can someone recommend a reputable and affordable furniture site?

  16. what are some furniture sites comparible to pottery barn but less exspensive?

    i love the idea of having furniture with built in storage that still looks chic. i also like an vintage feel. any suggestions?