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Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks Questions Answered!

  1. Has anyone purchased a backpack or lunchbox from Gymboree or Pottery Barn Kids?

    If so, did the bags hold up well to wear and tear?

  2. What to get the two year old who has everything?

    My niece turns two next month. She and her older sister have tons of toys and lots of clothes. I want to get her something fun, but not the same old same old! Any ideas? For Christmas I am getting them monogrammed backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids. So nothing like that... Thanks! I like to get a gift. I think gift certificates and savings bonds are impersonal. For each of the girls 1st birthdays I painted them piggy banks. I try to be creative and thoughtful. In terms of a backpack, we got my daughter one when she was 1 and a half, she LOVED it. She carries it all around. She takes it to daycare with her diapers. In addition, she will be going to preschool next year.

  3. Please help me! It's not that hard! Answers please!?

    Will you please help me find this backpack?? I need an XXL backpack that is pink and brown/ pink/ light blue/ any pretty color that has a 17" laptop compartment. The price should be like 70 dollors at the most. I don't care the brand but no eBAY!! Thanks!

  4. Dooney & Bourke or coach diaper bag?

    I can't afford Gucci, LV, Dior or other high end designer brand. So its coach or d&b... Or target :-) .. Which do u like best coach or dooney still trying to decide. Thanks for your opinion.