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Laundry Room Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the most durable flooring for a kitchen?

    We are getting new floors in our kitchen and laundry room, we have laminate in the family room and I hate it, if it gets wet it bubbles and peels. I want something very durable seeing as its a high traffic area and we have 4 large dogs. Plain concrete just doesn'tt sound appealing, and I heard that ceramic tile is easily worn and cracked. Any ideas?

  2. Any ideas on what color to paint my bedroom?

    I need help on what color to paint my bedroom. My comforter is white with yellow, navy, and brown flowers all over it. I also need a color for curtains that would look good, any ideas? Thank you :)

  3. How to decorate and buy with pets in mind?

    I'm buying a house soon, and I have a German Shepherd who sheds his grey-ish white undercoat CONSTANTLY. Can you recommend specific colors and fabrics for furniture, rugs, and other decor that will help prevent me from having to spend an hour a day cleaning? Also, are there any features I should look for when buying a house with/for pets? Thanks!

  4. Where to hide a Cat Litter Box in a Condo?

    Any Ideas? well I meant, hide from Guests? Like in the bathroom cabinet? closet? any creative ideas?

  5. I need inexpensive decor ideas for a super small apartment with dark blue carpet and gry walls. can't paint.:(

    My carpets are dark blue...i have gry paneling on one walls and the other walls are bright white. I can't paint or put anything perm. on the walls. it's very, very small. I need some ideas to make it look more like home. Also, I have a tiny kitchen that is pretty much attached to the living room with only a low counter to separate the two rooms. Is there something I can do to separate them without it looking tacky? I also have an even smaller bathroom, with gry/wht flooring and only a medicine cabinet for storage. I'm desperate and poor! help!

  6. List what what I need to bring to college for my dorm?

    I need help!! I am starting college next year, and I need help deciding what i need to bring to college, what I need to buy, and what needs to be put in storage and left at home. So, any advice would be helpful. My dorms are apartment style. 6 bedrooms (1 per room), 2 bath, and full kitchen and living area. Please help!!?! I need to start getting prepared.

  7. What's the best fabric I can buy to make Stage Curtains?

    I'm having a wedding and we want to hang fabric from the various places in the ball room. Since the ceremony and reception will be in the same place we need yards of material. We will hang it from the rafters. So it will not only set the mood, but we can close off certain areas when we move stuff around. The fabric not only has to look beautiful, but it must take to dye in case we need it. I was thinking silk? I'm not sure...... Also if there's any online bulk fabric stores anyone can recommend?

  8. Anyone got any tips for doing housework?

    Think I missed out somewhere on being taught how to do housework. Only thing anyone told me was vacuum your way out of the room when you've done everything else! All ideas welcome.

  9. How much housework do you do on a daily basis?

    Im a newly married girl and i just want to ask you what your daily cleaning/housework routine is as i have no idea where to start. i was brought up in a childrens home from the age of 3 and we were never allowed even in the kitchen. any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks

  10. how to design a wiccan themed kitchen?

    im wiccan, moving into a new apartment with my hubby and baby. i spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and i want to design something that i can not only cook in, but also do spells and ETC in. my kitchen also doubles as my laundry room... so im having a hard time coming up with ideas to accommodate all three. colors, plants, decor ideas... anything would be great! thanks in advance and brightest blessings! )O(

  11. I want to decorate my bathroom but i want it as cheap as possible as i am a single mum of 5?

    So i would greatly appriciate it if ye could let me know of any sites where i could get some tips and some sites with reasonable priced bathroom furniture........ cheers!!!!

  12. What button crafts can I make?

    I just inherited two pokemon tins full to the brim with buttons. My grandma thought I could make and sell some button crafts, but truth is I have no idea what to do with them. What things ould I make out of a shitton of buttons?

  13. Does anyone have any space saving ideas for a new laundry?

    I have 4 kids, so I definitely need a seperate laundry....a european laundry isn't big enough..... I want to reorganise my kitchen and laundry space so my kitchen is against outside wall of house with some windows and open plan into living room. laundry would end up next to bathroom with no external walls...just a skylight and good ventilation..... I'm desperate for any good ideas to get a bigish laundry with least amount of space (if that makes sense)......

  14. How can i decorate/re organise my bedroom?

    i want it too reflect me yet not be cluttered and have room to moove in, this is what it currently looks like... http://www.polyvore.com/my_room/set?id=8539608 please help thankyou

  15. whats a goood thing to have in ur room 2 organize?

    i am very clean so r there any tips out there that will keep my room tidy and neat

  16. mismatched beside lamps and other decor q's?

    who yays or nays the idea of mismatched bedside lamps? i am thinking of doing this. what should I keep in mind about the idea if you like it that is? who else like the mid century/modern style besides me? what are some tips to follow about it? lastly, what color should my primitive style laundry room -- the kitchen or the living room or what? is it dumb to paint diff. rooms in your home, different colors?ty.