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Living Room Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What should I do with my old movie ticket stubs?

    I have a lot of old movie ticket stubs from all the times I went to the movies, I also have some movie posters hanging up in my living room for decoration. I was wondering, what are some neat or intresting ways to display my old movie stubs without it looking tacky?

  2. What are some ideas for furniture in a long room?

    Our living room is long and rectangle shaped, with a picture window on one of the long ends and an opening to the kitchen directly across from the window. We are trying to pick out furniture for the whole room (couch, chair, etc). we have a big screen tv that takes up most of one of the shorter walls. Any ideas or links for ideas are appreciated!

  3. What decorations can I use to make my floating glass shelves look nice?

    I just bought these floating glass shelves. I put them up on the wall in the living room but I have noo idea what to do to make them look nice. what can I put on them to make them look decorative.

  4. What sort of decorations should I add around the entertainment set?

    Below is a link to a picture of part of my living room. Should I add anything around the television to not make it look so plain? Oh and btw, the two big vases on the side are only there temporarily as it was a gift from my boyfriends parents and it's really not my style so it wil go somewhere else. Thank you! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/gigi07/3023cfce.jpg

  5. I live in a senior apt complex and need some suggestions on decorating?

    My apartment is very small and the kitchen is actually at the end of the living room. I want to make it look a little larger by separating that space a little, but how? My entry is very large as is my bathroom....how can I utilize that space without making it look clutter!?

  6. How can I use my living room?

    Its a sunny south facing room, there isn't much room for furniture, but I don't think we would use it as just a sitting room anyway. We are not formal people. We have a game room and a library already and I am at a loss of how to create a unique space that will actually be enjoyed by my family.

  7. does anyone know where i can find this please?

    a friend told me there is a website i can go on where i can upload a picture of my living room and see different decorations in it to give ideas....has anyone else heard of this?

  8. My house is in a tuscan style?

    but my living room furniture is cobalt blue .WHAT colors should i put with it to make it more tuscan style ..PS my kitchen and livingroom are kinda of a open style and my kitchen is painted terra cotta MY FURNITURE IS COBALT BLUE NOT WALLS

  9. need your help! what accent colors will look good with dark Burgundy furniture?

    my living room is very small, the furniture is very dark. i also have very dark brown painted floors. i want to brighten it up. what colors would you suggest? i also want to loose the flowered curtains and pictures on the walls and paint.Help!

  10. Do you change your home decor every season?

    Spring is almost here...what type of steps do you take to create a more spring atmosphere/ summer feel in your home? For example: Putting out some bunnies, changing your wreath/doormat, your center piece in the living room? Tell me some tips! Thanks! I'm 26, I'm sure I have lots to learn still. :-)

  11. decoration tips for an empty wall?

    the wall above my sofa in the living room is empty. i'm trying to come up with some creative decorating ideas...can you help?

  12. What are some cool "decorations" for college apartments?

    I can't think of any and my living room is pretty empty. Any ideas besides posters and the very basics such as couch and TV?