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Laundry Room Decor Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What kind of toy chest should I buy?

    Any recommendations? pictures? I've looked on Walmart and Target's websites and I don't know whether to get a nice wood toy chest or a little tikes plastic one. Thanks!

  2. How can i make my new room look awesome.?

    We just moved and i got a bigger room and its white. All i have now are 2 doodles i did and 3 posters but still alot of space. Im a guy and i have now money so homemade stuff would be cool. thanks.

  3. What should I take to boarding school?

    I'm going to McCallie School for the next school year. What should I take/pack?

  4. What are some good alternatives for wallpaper ?!?

    there is a desk in my little sister's room and on it there is this striped wallpaper but it doesnt match the room decor...what could i possible put over it and how do i keep it on (i.e glue,tape...ect.)

  5. What you need for your home?

    At the beginning of next year I will be living on my own for the first time. No roommates, no live-in lover, just me and my dog. What is a list of things I need? I plan on getting some things ahead of time and telling people that if they choose to get me Christmas or Birthday gifts that I would prefer things I need for my house. I know bed, furniture, etc. but often miss the little things. Anyone have a comprehensive list?

  6. What else do we need?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 1/2 years but we have never actually lived together. We are moving into an apartment on the 10th and I wanted to knoq what kind of furniture and decor we need. We lived in apartments for 2 years in college so we already have a lot of furniture We already have: bed dresser desk entertainment center TV Sofa Kitchen Stuff (pots, pans, cups, plats silverware) Dining room table w/chairs Shower curtain, bath mat Picture frames DVD player/VCR Stereo Night tables Lamps Microwave The apartment comes with a washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge, oven and AC/heat We have about $2,000.00 Can you think of anything else that we need?

  7. boarding school items to pack?

    I'm going of to boarding school and i don't know what to pack I know there is a desk and a bed but I don'tt know what other furniture to bring please help! Bestanswerr get 10 points!

  8. what should i take with me to boarding school?

    in 1 month exactly i shall be going to a private boarding school, this is the first private school and boarding school i have ever been to, (I am 16 and 2/12s). What should i take, i need an in depth list, obviously my laptop, but i need other suggestions. 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER

  9. decorating tips for college dorm?

    i'm starting college in the fall, and i'm not sure how to decorate my dorm. i know that i want a black/white zebra stripe comforter with one set of light pink sheets and one set of hot pink sheets. but other than that i'm not sure what to do. basically the rules are: no nails/tacks in the wall, no blocking emergency lights/smoke detectors/fire exits, and no destroying furniture. any ideas?

  10. beach themed room a good idea? yes/no?

    hey! i really want to do a beach theme for my room got any ideas about what bed spread, curtains, decor etc. and where can i buy stuff the sells beach decor or stuff like shells. what color should i paint the walls? my room is small. any other ideas list as much as you can! thanks! by the way i'm 14 so i want it to be young and fresh! i cant order from pb teen because i am from canada and they do not ship here and also canada isnt a foregin country it is just like america.

  11. DORMROOM ( need help please.)?

    My first year of college is coming up, and I want my dorm room to be fabulous. Neither of my parents attended college though, so I'm not sure what you can and cant have in the dorm room. Also, any cute websites that I could find affordable and fashionable things for my dorm room? Comforters, lamps etc. Easy points!

  12. Should I paint my cabinets if we get wood floors?

    We have a small house with dark paneling, that we have painted a light color beige. We also have dark wood trim all over the house, dark wood cabinets throughout the house and wood doors. My husband wants to put down wood floors and I told him that if we do that then we would need to paint the cabinets and doors a lighter color, probably white. We are putting carpet down in the bedrooms and living rooms but everywhere else, hallway, laundry room, kitchen will have the wood floors. My question is this: If we put the wood floors down do we need to match the trim color and will we need to paint the cabinets throughout the house? Or should we not put wood floors down at all.. would that be too "woody" or too much wood??? HELP please!!! Thanks!

  13. Ideas to decorate my dorm/college room...?

    What are some of the cheap/inexpensive ways of decorating my dorm room. I'm a big Gator football fan....but don't want to have way too many posters....

  14. What are your own "dorm room essentials"? What other things do you need for school?

    There are all those lists about dorm room essentials but I don't think you need a lot of the stuff of it. There's a lot of other stuff I think you do need that they don't tell you about. What are your own must-haves for your dorm room and college life? Btw, please don't try to be funny and give a lame answer like "condoms, weed, alcohol" or whatever. I asked this before and got like 10 people who thought they were being original and clever giving that answer.