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Laundry Room Decor Rugs Questions Answered!

  1. What should I bring when living in a dorm?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. Most ideal bed room ?

    What things one can find in the most ideal bed room?? I never asked for essays damn have no patience to read essays. just looking for simple ideal bedrooms, not much complicated as one of those long answers. But the patience in typing such a long answer, appreciated for the concern.Thanks a lot friend.

  3. Material needed when baby arrives?

    I am looking to know all the things that are important to have when my baby arrives.

  4. whats the averages for apartment expenses read for specific :)?

    Im moving out for the first time :) what are the average costs for the following categories if not average about what you paid. everything helps - Pantry basics/starter food - Bathroom - Silverware - Pots and Pans - Small Appliances - Bedroom including furniture - Living room Thanks for your help and these are just estimates to help me plan a little more of coarse i know its different for everyone by the way im a girl and im 18 if that helps

  5. Best place to look for dorm room decor?NOT WALMART?

    Need places that are generally everywhere I live in Texas...also the color I am using is teal...my best friends using yellow...any idears?