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Living Room Decorations Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does any one know of a website that gives you decorating ideas for free?

    I checked on home decoration and it gave me a list of websites and all of them were charging or ended up to something irrelevant. I want a site that helps you make stuff that will be easy yet cute for your house plus it will show ideas like cortains and different color matching and how to set your kitchen up to be beuatifull. I have a small space in the living room and on the bathromm and small room with a big bed on it. Nothing decorated I am really not good at it. Sometimes I clean all day and it looks clean it just does not look nice. Help me please.

  2. What color decorations looks best with khaki/brownish rug & navy blue couches on a white wall?

    I want to decorate my new living room, but have no idea what color palette to use, or what colors to use most/ stay away from. Our couches are navy blue. Our rug is a light brown, kind of khakish, & our walls are white. HELP!

  3. is there a website that gives ideas of do it yourself home decorations?

    I'm looking for inexpensive decorating ideas for my living room, bedrooms, kitchen & bathroom. I wanted some easy to do/make ideas. Also my kitchen theme is Guiness and I was looking into buying some old fashioned Guiness stuff. Anyone ever see a website with stuff like this?

  4. Best way to move a large aquarium within a room?

    We plan to change the flooring in our living room where we have two aquariums - one 55 gallon and the other 37 gallon. I do not want to have to empty these tanks out or move the fish anywhere since it'll be traumatizing and would probably harm the fish. Any ideas/suggestions as to the best way to move them while we change the floor?

  5. How can I make inexpensive Xmas decorations for my home?

    I want to make my kitchen & living room look festive over the holidays since we'll be having more company than usual this year. Anyone have any nice festive decorating ideas? Something classy, I don't want to go overboard. Thanks a bunch!

  6. Any ideas out there for how to decorate an unused fireplace?

    we have a brick fireplace on one wall of our living room and it's pretty, but there used to be a wood burning stove hooked up to it and now that we've taken it out I would like to do something decorative with the opening but I'm not sure what to do.