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Online Makeover Games Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find some nice makeover and dressup games for girls?

    Babysitting my dad's secretary's daughter. I know she likes online makeover games, but I think she is getting sick of the barbie, myscene websites. Any suggestions?

  2. Is there any online makeup games where you actually use the mouse to apply makeup?

    I'm looking for a makeover game where you actually use the mouse too apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other makeup. Not just one-click stuff.

  3. What are some online makeover games where you put the makeup on using your mouse (not just clicking on a color?

    I don't want the ones where you click on a lipstick shade or eyeshadow color, I would like one where you have to actually apply the eyeshadow and lipstick your self using your mouse!

  4. What are good virtual makeover games that are online?

    I am bored! And would like to play a virtual make over game.

  5. Does anyone know what online Barbie game this is?

    I used to play this game a couple years ago and I told my little sister about it and she wants to play it really bad but I'm afraid I don't really remember what it was called. All I know is that there was about for or five girls, and one of them was Barbie. They had short videos on their website of them, like a show kind of and I used to play the makeover game all the time (hair, makeup, nails). Does anyone have any idea?

  6. My friend is 19 and when shes board or whatever she play's dress up and makeover games online is that weird?

    And hair cutting games so like is it weird for a grown women her age to play games like that?

  7. What are some websites where I can play dress up/ makeover games for free?

    I love playing games where you get to dress somebody up and give them a makeover. The only problem is that I don't know a lot of websites where I can do that. Does anybody know a few?

  8. Any really cool makeover games online?

    I like girly makeover games. But i cant seem to find any that are online, free and fun. Can ANYONE help?

  9. What are fun games to play online for girls?

    I want a free game thats for girls where you can do someones make up and hair, or where u can do stuff like wedding planning and party planning. I dont want anything that u have to download either, and I also think games like sims are fun to.

  10. What are some fun games to play at my birthday party?

    There will be 6 girls (including me) and we can play in my back yard and in my basement and its a sleepover. Do you know any fun party games? THANKS!

  11. What are some online websites for virtual worlds?

    I would really like to find a good online world. If you know of some, please list them all!!!!!! I would like anything, people, animals, or a simpson online world (escpecally the simpsons, but people and animals are good too) PLEASE HLEP ME!!

  12. What is the most realistic basketball game ever? On any game system and why?

    Yes what is the most realistic bastetball game ever on any system?

  13. What is the most realistic basketball game ever? On any game system and why?

    Yes what is the most realistic bastetball game ever on any system?

  14. What are some categories I can use for a Hannah Montana themed Jeopardy?

    I'm hosting a slumber party for my younger cousin and the theme is Hannah Montana and I'm trying to think of games to go with it. I need categories for Jeopardy and questions I ask. Also, include other games we can play.

  15. What should I do at my 16th birthday party?

    My parents rented a place that our village has for parties. It's not super big but not too small. I was planing on around 15 people. There is nothing to do at the place that I rented but there is a park next door. What is there to do at my party? I need games or fun ideas.

  16. What sort of stuff can I do at a sleepover?

    Me and my friends love to have crazy sleepover parties but we often run out of stuff to do. We do the usual makeovers, truth or dare but we get bored after a bit. We're all girls and we can not sneak out. We don't have access to a car.

  17. What can I do over the summer at home by myself?

    I only get together with my friends a few times a month, so I have a lot of days when I'm at home with just my crazy family. I don't have much transportation, its mainly me and my computer. What are some fun things I can do online or at home by myself?