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Makeover Games Girls Questions Answered!

  1. Is there another good game like Club penguin?

    I know this question is asked alot but I reaaaaaaalllly am bored of the games I play. I already have, Runescape Gaia Habbo Club Penguin... Please no violent fighting games.. I hate those. I want a game for a girl.

  2. What kind of games can 2 girls play at a sleepover?

    Me and my best friend are having a sleepover in her fort. We want to play some cool games, we just don't know any. Also, if you know any scary stories, please post them! Thanks!

  3. What are some activities to do at a teen age girl party besides doing hair?

    Looking for Ice Breakers and just fun games. I am putting on a suprise party for my teen aged sister and cant remember any fun parties I went to back then? I thought of kareoke but we don't have a machine. Is there a place to rent one?

  4. What are some at home 12 year old girls birthday party ideas?

    My birthday is coming up and I can't go anywhere for my birthday, I have to have a party at home. So, what should we do at my house? I am inviting six girls who will sleepover. But, what should we do when they get to my house? Any ideas? HELP! Party is in 5 days!

  5. What are some really fun cool games for 6 girls at a birthday sleepover?

    I'm having my 13th Birthday sleepover in 1 week. We're going ice-skating first, then back to mine. We are all around 13, and we are NOT doing makeovers. What are some good sleepover games we can do apart from truth or dare and as light as feathers? Thanks xxx

  6. What are some fun activities and games to play with girls, 10 and 12?

    I am babysitting two girls for the summer, but i don't know what to do with them. I already got suggestions to do makeovers, cook, and watch movies. Wondering if any of you have some games to play that aren't too babyish. Thanks.

  7. What are some fun Birthday Party Games for 11 year olds?

    I am planning my cousin's birthday in 4 days and I need some game ideas. Details: - 10 girls - 1 hour for games, 1 hour for food and 1 hour for crafts - no pool - party is at her house - no scavenger hunts, water balloons or makeover suggestions. Thanks so much! ~ Jenna

  8. What is this makeover game on the internet?

    A few days ago i found this virtual game on the internet. You could do the girls hair, makup, add freckles and stuff like that. I cant find it now and its really bugging me. The models looked like real people. They werent cartoons. Please help me! Thank you

  9. What sleepover games should i play for 4 ppl?

    We're all 15-16 years old. We don't need baby games...it's hard to find sleepover games for 4 ppl! Don't tell me to brings guys over cuz i got in trouble the last time...plz nd thnx!

  10. How do I make the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with jealous?

    I so badly want to punch her in the face, but I think making her jealous will be a better game to play. Any advice?

  11. Can u suggest a really addictive game with great graphics?

    i am looking for a game that even girls like but that which isn't too girly, certainly not the makeover or dress up games... something with a specific aim for example saving a damsel in distress kinda thing... u know what i mean... also a link to where i can play it or something, please?

  12. What kind of games to play for a 13th Birthday Party?

    My sister is turning 13 in Novemeber and she's invited like 16 girls (maybe more i don't know what's she planning to do). She's having the party at home because she's cannot waste more than $150-$200. So she's kind of stuck on what to do for games and what kind of food other than cake and pizza. And she's planning to watch a movie but she doesn't know what movie to watch.

  13. How to host a girls night in?

    For my birthday I wanted to host a girls night in... What do I need to do in terms of: Food, activities, number of guests, movies, entertainment, sleeping over? Not sure of all the things i need to take care of... Tips and Suggestions are most welcome.

  14. What are some good games to play at a sleepover?

    Other than truth or dare, 20 questions, making videos, watching movies, listening to music, prank calling, makeovers, etc. we can't go anywhere, it's dark outside. We're bored so is there any games that you play at sleepovers, we're 14 year old girls. Is there any games like truth or dare to play?