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Free Makeover Games Questions Answered!

  1. What are some dress up or makeover websites that aren't childish?

    Yes. I realize it's weird I play makeover games, but I have nothing better to do. It makes me mad how they're all childish though. Is there any that's for older kids? Or more mature?

  2. What Websites Can I Go to for a Fashion Game?

    What Websites Can I Go to for a Fashion Game? I love fashion and makeovers so is there anywhere I can go to play fashion and makeover games? Thank you.

  3. What are some fun activieties for sleepovers?

    help me by giving me some fun things to do at a sleepover party. Can only be free or little cost. Have and ideas besides makeovers, night games, make your own sundaes and pizzas, movies and music? Thank you so mich for helping me!

  4. What is a good idea for a free birthday party?

    My friend hasn't had her birthday yet and they dont really wanna spend any money except for like food and stuff, any cheap or free ideas? Oh ya, it's for a girl! ps she is turning 12!

  5. How do I plan a Fun stay at home 14th Birthday Party?

    I don't want it to cost more then $100. I want to have a stay at home Birthday Party cause I can't really think of anything fun to do where I live but if you have ideas on leaving the house and doing something feel free. I am going to invite 3 people. The ages of my friends are 12 and 15. My birthday is in March so i'm just trying to plan ahead. I was thinking of maybe doing a Hotel party but i'm not sure. Thanks!

  6. How do I delete the original characters in sims 2?

    I have downloaded sims characters and skins and i have some great characters, but the ones in the game that come pre-installed look odd next to the new ones. I tried to fix them up but its the eyes that look the oddest and they cant be changed. I went into the neighborhood and moved the original families into the bin but there are still characters that come to visit that I cannot find in any of the houses. How do I delete them safely without destroying the game? Or can that even be done?

  7. Where can I try out virtual hairstyles with my pic?

    Does anyone know of a free website where you can upload your picture and try out different hairstyles and/or colors?

  8. Have you tried one of those websites or games where you get to try different hair styles?

    I heard that one of the mags. like Glamour or Cosmo has one for free and you download a picture. I also heard that there are computer discs where you can try on different clothes and eye colors and stuff like that. Have you tried them? Do they look real or is it just kind of funny? I went to a plastic surgeon once and they had a program that showed you with different noses, that was kind of cool.

  9. What are some ideas for a 15 year old birthday party at home?

    I was thinking a murder mystery but i cant find the game kit for it. Any ideas? Its my party and its a girls. And its als in december so nobody wants to go outside.

  10. What are some good ideas for a birthday party?

    Next June is my 13th birthday and I want to do something really special. I thought about renting a limo, and going to the mall with some of my friends, but I might invite a few guys and I don't want them to feel left out if we go to the mall. Also, my mom suggested that we could go rollerskating. I need maybe a few more ideas that are either cheap or free, and I have alot of time to plan. Thanks!

  11. Are there any virtual online hairstyle websites?

    I am looking for a free website where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what you would look like with different hair styles/colours. Any good recommendations?

  12. How do you change your appearance on animal crossing: let's go to the city?

    I have the game "Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City" on nintendo wii. I made a character as usual and did some stuff, but I really want to change the appearance of it? Any cheats and please tell me how to use them. I really don't want to start again because I've done too much on it! Thanks.

  13. How do you buy a house without using credit?

    "Debt has been sold to us so aggressively, so loudly, and so often that to imagine living without debt requires myth-busting. Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans can’t even envision a car without a payment … a house without a mortgage … a student without a loan … and credit without a card. We’ve been sold debt with such repetition and with such fervor that most folks can’t conceive of what it would be like to have NO payments." — Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover I like Dave Ramsey, but how is it possible to have a house with no mortgage? Can someone explain that? Don't say just pay cash. Where are you supposed to live in the meantime while you're saving that cash up? How is debt a good thing? @ rowlfe I didn't want someone to comment "just pay cash" and that's the only thing they said. I'm just trying to understand what Ramsey was trying to get at since it would be near impossible for the average home buyer to buy a house 100% with cash and not get a loan.