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Room Makeover Games Questions Answered!

  1. I Won a $20,000 Family Games Room Makeover -- What does that mean?

    I recently won a contest which gives me a $20,000 Family Games Room makeover...They weren't specific in what that means and so was wondering what exaclty is involved in a $20,000 gameroom makeover -- does it include a tv, and stuff, or does it mean to tear up walls, or a pool table, etc?

  2. Is it any kind of virtual baby games that I can play with?

    I already have Parenting Games: Baby Week: Infant & Toddler Center, Baby Room Makeover, Cute Baby Nursey, Baby Krissy, Kindergarten, Terrible Triplets and Super Babysitter but I need more idea if there is another virtual baby game that I can play with because I love babies and also like taking care of them as well.

  3. What other objects can i add to a family recreation/living room?

    I am designing an entertainment room which is 5mx9m so its a big space and i need to think of ways to utilize it. I am adding a tv and sitting area and a pool table.. what other things can i add to make it more interesting and fill in the empty space?

  4. What are some fun games to play at a slumber party of teen girls?

    I am having a slumber party on the 17th. It is going to be all girls, and we are all teens. I have no idea how to keep them entertained. We need some really fun games or other things to do. Thank you in advance!

  5. What should I ask for for Christmas?

    I am a 14 year old girl. Christmas is right around the corner and my family is already asking what i want this year! I have so much already! I have a decent phone, a laptop, and recently gave my room a makeover. I have no clue what to tell them. I am already asking for the new pink iPod touch, since mine is still a 1st generation, clothes from Forever 21, the Divergent book trilogy, Bruno Mar's new album, and 2 3DS games. I don't want to ask for anything really expensive, though since money is tight this year for my family. If it helps, I am a girly girl, a dancer, and pretty artistic. Please give me a few creative suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  6. What are some Christmas ideas for a mature 12 year old?

    . I already have a phone, iPod, and TV in my room. I enjoy being with my friends a lot. The only 2 things on my list are a puppy and a trampoline.

  7. What do I need in a ultimate gaming room?

    I'm doing a makeover for my room and I want to know like what I would need in my room to have it like the ultimate gaming room.

  8. what are some ideas of things to do during my sleepover tonight?

    My friends and I are having a sleepover tonight. We will be at her house around 10:00pm. We won't be able to do our hair or nails or any makeover tpye stuff because it'll be too late. So like maybe games we could play in her room?

  9. Im painting my bedroom and dont know what colours look good together.?

    I like a lightish blues, light greens, and reds. All of my bedroom furniture is chocolate brown and i want something to go with that. The room i have has 6 walls, and i would like 2 different colours. Please help.

  10. What are some activities to do at a sleepover to keep us up all night?

    I am having a sleepover with 6 girls at a hotel and we get our own room. Me and my best friend KNOW we can stay up all night but we need some activities to keep the others stay awake until 6 am. Please we need some ideas. We already have the basics like makeovers, sweets, etc but we need MORE! HELP!!!!! We are 12 year old girls by the way!

  11. What should I make to sell on EBay or Etsy or Trademe?

    I need more money for a bedroom makeover nd a video camera( I know, I know) I'm gonna make and sell stuff so what stuff sells the best. I can do most craft but something cheap to make will be best because I'm only 13 with minimal money!

  12. How should i go about redecorating my entire bedroom?

    I've been living very minimally for the past two years. I still live with my parents, but have a steady job. I work solely for the purpose of being able to help the less fortunate. Please don't judge me, its just what i love doing. My 27th birthday is just around the corner, and as a gift my parents have given me a large sum of money to go towards giving me an amazing bedroom makeover. I can't use this for anything other the for my room, and i've accepted that (thought its hard not to just give it away to somebody else, i'm so used to that lifestyle.) I've actually been dreaming about a new bedroom for years, and now have the opportunity to turn my dream into a reality. But i am not the best at decorating or redecorating, and that's where i need all your help. - When i'm not working, i'm reading or writing, mostly fairytale related things. - Wintertime is the only time when i truly come alive and am inspired. Something about the weather outside being cold/miserable and windy, that does something to me, though i don't understand why. - My favourite colours are Chocolate & White (together,) and This very dark green i can't really explain. I've seen it used many times in game/rumpus rooms & dens though. - All the fairytales i've read & watched, i've always daydreamed about my room being set in a certain era. I'm obsessed with king arthur, and if i could, i'd redesign an entire house dedicated to that era. - I'm a real daydreamer, and i daydream in fairytales. I still fantasize about being a commoner (which i am,) being able to catch the eye of a prince, who doesn't care about my rank, is in love with me, and will marry me, even if i were a mere serving girl... (i'm oddly obsessed with royalty, and would like to have a room like this someday perhaps, though i'd feel odd about it, knowing how i'm living, and others out there are starving.) - I like filming/photography, but they're NOT as important as reading & writing. - I am neither girlie, nor a tomboy, very in the middle, neutral - I still want a level of minimalism, simplicity, etc - I'm worry too much over people, my animals, etc (maybe throw some blue in there for me lol.) - I have a fixation for anything Uk. Not really into harry potter now, but there was a time, where all i wanted was to live in that kind of world, you see in their movies (minus the magic.) The castle, the rainy/gloomy weather, streetlamps flickering at night, snowfall, etc... I still want this more than ever! Forgot to mention... What would be the appropriate ornaments to purchase? Colour scheme? An actual theme? Etc.

  13. How do you add the fruit gushers codes in the redo your room?

    I've looked around and can't find out how.