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Barbie Makeover Games Questions Answered!

  1. What was the old dress up site where it was almost like a mix between Barbie and Bratz?

    It's from about 4 or 5 years ago and there was like a bar on the right side where you could pick from about 6 games. There was one with a room makeover and in the end you got a little present to open and another you could do their hair and makeup and accessories. Oh and there was 4 or 5 different people you could choose to makeover/dress up.

  2. What are some fun make-over games online for girls?

    My little sister loves Barbie.com and everythinggirl.com is there any other websites like that for her to play on? She seems to love giving the dolls make-overs and such but shes getting sick of the same old stuff.

  3. Is there a GIRLY PS3 Game like a Barbie Game or Something I can Buy?

    I am looking for a PS3 game that I will enjoy, I'd like something pretty to look at, simple and entertaining. Fashion oriented, makeovers, whatever.....something GIRLY. Ten points best answer.

  4. Does anyone know any good websites for dress up and makeover games?


  5. What are some fun and free kids virtual worlds?

    They should be free, simple, and safe. Ideally for kids 7-13.

  6. What to do while babysitting an 8 year old girl?

    I'm going to be babysitting a young girl who is eight years old in about 11 days. I wanted to know what kind of activities they like to do/ snacks that are fun but not really messy. Any thoughts ? oh and im only 14 1/2 :P oh and im going to be bbysitting from like 7am - 2pm . (: any snack ideas?

  7. need birthday party ideas for a 15 year old?

    ok, me and my friend Ashley are planning her b-day party she is turning 15 the party is going to be outside we need some ideas for activitys or games we already have a water balloon fight idea we need more! help!

  8. what are some games online i can play?

    that are actually fun and not puzzles or boring action games? fun games for girls or something cuz i have been to tons of websites and they all play the same games... any suggestions?

  9. What are fun games to play online?

    Hey guys, im bored so i wanted something to do but i cant find a game to play. -_- Please help! Thanks, Nicky ( i like romance games or tests or comedy or dress up)

  10. What is a website that is fun for a ten year old girl?

    I want a website that i can get addicted to that is NOT, facebook, twitter, barbie, beacon street girls, webkinz, neopets, club penguin, nick, stardoll, everything girl, yahoo answers, google, disney channel, bebo, or yahoo. No gaming websites.

  11. As ite where you can dress up avatars like the yahoo avatars and stuff?

    Okay so I like to make avatars and things. Like the yahoo avatar or IMVU avatar where you can chose the hairstyle and clothes and shoes and jewlery and everything like that. Almost making/decorating rooms with stuff. A site where you can use the avatar along with making it and everything would be awesome. If anyone can help it'll be highly appriciated

  12. what website is it where you can make a little girls magazine?

    it has to do with those barbie websites and the myscene type stuff. the website im looking for is for little girls and you can give dolls makeovers, those things. . . so can someone help me?