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Living Room Decoration Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find some oil paintings in my new house?

    I want to put some oil paintings in my new house, such as living room, bedroom, dining room? Where can i find some good oil painting stores?

  2. What colors should I go with for wall colors and decorations?

    So I just ordered a beige carpet for my bedroom. Very neutral. I also just got some classic cherry furniture for my room. (headboard, nightstand, desk, dresser). Now I dont know what color to go with for the walls and for my comforter! Should I do an accent wall? I dont know because anything can work with the beige! Any ideas would be awesome!

  3. Im redecorating my room and I need creative and offbeat ideas!?

    yeah i want my room to be kind of artsy and offbeat and indie think marie antoinette mixed with bright colors but im not sure like what kind of furniture.... or what colors to paint my walls....... or what other decorations to have any ideas?

  4. How to throw a good party?

    I was wondering if anybody has any tips for a good party. It will be more of a bro party, but girls will still be there. I am coming home for the weekend from college and my parents won't be home for part of the time I'm there, so everything has to be able to be hidden fairly easily and quickly in case if they happen to come home. And yes... I am 21 and everyone at the party will be, but my parents don't like parties and/or drinking (especially in their house). Oh, and I don't really care about decorations or stuff like that.

  5. How much would a wedding ceremony and a reception cost?

    kindly enumerate the items that are being paid for in a wedding ceremony and a reception and how much they would normally cost..please?!:]

  6. How do I make an apartment feel like home?

    White walls. Tan carpet.... HOW THE HECK do you make it look pretty? Pleeeease. Anything will help! thanks!

  7. Should I put away the beach themed decoration in my livingroom , to make room for Fall decor?

    Or would it look too cluttered to mix everyything together?

  8. How to throw the best luau/pool party?

    I was wondering how to have a luau without it costing that much but I want to make the theme pop with alot of decorations, also what kind of food my birthday is in may and thats around barbque season time ?

  9. How to throw a great teen garden party?

    So im 14 and im throwing a party but the ones that i throwed always failed :( and i got embarrased there will be about 30-40 ppl same amount of boys and girls what should i buy for snacks? What should i order as food? What kind of music should i play? What should i do about the chairs-tables And plz give me tips

  10. Do home schooled children get a high school diploma when they finish high school?

    Also do they get to talk in the public schools graduation ceremony? Thanks so much for your help!

  11. any cute HOMEMADE bedroom decorations or ideas?

    i wanna redo my room, i dont wanna go anywhere to buy anything. i want stuff simple and stuff i can make.

  12. Can anyone help me with a birthday party?

    My twins are about to turn one, but I don't want to spend too much money on a party, because we are not inviting too many people. I am planning to have them eat cupcakes for the first time (vanilla) and I want them to be able to interact with people for not too much money. Budget= a few 100 dollars. Help? Thanks

  13. Do you have any ideas for a sweet 16th party?

    Mine is coming up next year but i want to get some ideas for what i will do now. I don't really know what people usually do. Maybe you did something particularly memorable and could give me some ideas of what is typical and maybe also some less obvious ideas? I have no idea.

  14. Tips for building our home and furnishing?

    Hi guys, We are first time owner/builders and I am wanting some tips that the builders/architects and anyone that is making a profit won't tell you. Just basic tips on getting good deals with things like furnishings and anything in general really. We aren't after the cheapest thing in the shed but if we can some how find the essentials that are still top quality at a cheaper price than that is fab. Hope I am making sense. Many thanks.

  15. Ideas for room decoration?

    I need to decorate my room in my tiny apartment. I've tried some photography on the wall, some candles, and a string of those tiny lights people use on Christmas tree to decorate my windows... Any other ideas? I don't want posters on my wall, I think my pictures are sufficient. Can't paint the walls either, the place's rented. Some cheap ideas would be nice. Oh and maybe some decoration ideas for the kitchen, which I share with my roommates.