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Baby Nursery Decor Questions Answered!

  1. How much did you initially spend on your first baby?

    I am not asking about the week to week expenses after the baby is born. I am trying to get an estimate from people who have already been through this. How much did you approximately spend initially on the baby before he/she was born? Like for the crib & bedding, changing table, dresser, nursery decor, bassinet, pack'n'play, carseat with base, stroller, highchair, bouncy seat, bath tub, etc, etc. Everything you buy before the baby arrives, even all the little things. I am bottle feeding so also bottles, etc. I don't want an itemized list of the expenses, more like an overall amount you think you spent, or would have spent if you didn't have a baby shower. Also, any tips or stores that you've come accross online besides the obvious Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, etc.

  2. Where can I get baby decor catalogs?

    I'm looking for catalogs with baby furniture, decor, bedding, etc. Does anyone know where I can look? Thanks for any help given!

  3. Where can i find the solar system or galaxy baby nursery (bedding, decor, cheap mural)?

    I wanted to decorate my son's nursery with the solar system or galaxy theme, however it seems to be kind of hard to find. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance...

  4. What paint colour goes with this decor colour scheme?

    Hi there, we are decorating our baby's nursery soon. I have chosen dark cherry wood furniture, black & white french toile/gingham bed linens and some apple or lime green accents (pillows, stuffed animals, etc.). My question is what kind of paint colour would be best for the walls? Should I stick to something neutral or paint it say a sage green or completely something different? Need advice. Thanks!!

  5. What would be the most useful thing you would want from your baby shower?

    I am going to my friends baby shower and don't just want to get her clothing or toys. What is the most useful item that you have recived or would of really like ?

  6. Where can i find cherry nursery bedding & decor?

    I'm having a baby girl the 1st week of June & I want to decorate her nursery in Cherries. However, I can't find ANY cherry bedding for nurseries, so please help! Even if you know a web site where I could find cherry decor please let me know! All that seems to come up is the actual cherry wood...Thanks a bunch!

  7. What is the best and most useful/unique baby shower gift you have received or given?

    I have a baby shower to go to and the kid I think is getting everything....I need some great ideas.

  8. What do you usually put on baby registry lists ?

    I'm pregnant with my first child & I need to start registering for the baby shower but I have NO idea what to put down. I don't want to put anything expensive cuz not everyone has alot of money, but what kind of things would/did you put ?

  9. What was the best baby shower gift you received?

    My cousin in having a shower in a few weeks and doesnt know the sex of the baby. I have been trying to think of things I received for mine that I really used and loved. But nothing sticks out. What did you get that you loved and why do you suggest it?

  10. How can I help my kids feel included when the new baby comes?

    I'm having a baby girl this spring. I have three children from a prior marriage; the oldest is also a girl. She's been the only girl for a dozen years, and I don't want her to feel like the new baby girl is "de-throning" her as Princess. I also don't want my boys to feel like they've been replaced, but I'm especially concerned about my daughter. What are some good ways to keep them involved and reassured that I have room in my heart and home for each of them? Truly, each one is my favorite.

  11. Where can I get good deals on baby bedding and nursery decorations?

    I'm 4 months pregnant and I still have plenty of time to find the perfect decor for the nursery. However, every website I've shopped on is so expensive. Bargain shopper that I am, I'm confident there is some website or store where I can get a better deal.

  12. Whats a really good first pregnancy baby shower gift?

    My cousin is having a baby girl! This is her first pregnancy, and she's fairly young, 21-23 years old. The pregnancy wasn't planned so I know there is going to be A LOT of things she'll need! I was wondering if any mom's out there could help me out with the shower gift? I'm totally broke, but I'm sure I can scrounge up 40$ or so! I live in another state and I want something that wont cost and arm and a leg to send. <3<3<3 the help!

  13. What where some things that you registered for that you wouldn't be able to have survived without?

    Starting to do my baby registry and just wondering what where some of the things that you registered for that you wouldn't have be able to have survived without. Also wondering what things you feel every soon to be new mom should register for and why. Also how many of certain things should I put on my registry. Thanks for any input that you can give me. Thanks. Expecting another little boy. Don't have anything left from when I had my first son.

  14. What are some good websites where I can buy baby products online?

    Items such as nursery furniture & decor, baby moniters, bottles, basically everything a baby needs. God Bless xx

  15. Affordable baby bedding that is stylish?

    I am looking for affordable baby bedding that is stylish. I cannot find any nursery decor/bedding to fit my taste. I love the Serena and Lily bedding, however, do not want to pay between $400-$1000. I not a fan of the bedding I have found at Babies R Us, Baby Depot, JC Penneys, etc.. Does anyone know of a online website or small designer who makes reasonably priced bedding? Also, does anyone have a link to a good site with nursery decor examples/ideas?