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Nursery Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cute ideas to decorate a nursery without painting the walls?

    Im looking for ideas or a web site even that would give me an idea of what I can do with a nursery without painting the walls. We are currently renting and the walls are white and I would rather leave them white so I don't have to repaint them when we move. Nailing things up is ok thought

  2. Making a gender neutral diaper cake--need ideas/color schemes/themes?

    I'm making a diaper cake for an inlaw but I'm having trouble deciding on a color scheme and theme for it, because they aren't finding out the gender of the baby and are waiting until he/she is born before picking out nursery decor. I know the diaper cake doesn't have to match the nursery, so I'm trying to think of cute gender neutral color schemes and stuff. Any ideas are welcome!

  3. What gender neutral color can I put in my nursery that will match the chocolate brown trim?

    I have chocolate brown trim in my nursery with pink walls (used when my daughter was a baby) and now I'm due again (I don't know what I'm having) and need some ideas that would match the chocolate trim. I do not want yellow or green. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  4. Amazing ideas for decorating a spare bedroom which will eventually be a nursery?

    I'm looking for something REALLY grown up but will make the easy transition to nursery. I need the most help with paint colours, and I'm trying to stay away from green. Pictures and links appreciated

  5. What are some good baby shower ideas?

    My best friend is pregnant and I am throwing her a baby shower. She and her husband just found out that their baby is *probably* a girl, and this is their first. I haven't been to a baby shower in years, so I am looking for any ideas at all. Games, food/menu, prizes, websites that might have some ideas, anything!

  6. What is a unique theme for my daughter's first birthday party?

    I want something where people will be like 'wow, that's clever..' Any ideas?

  7. Where can I find images of a Halloween themed nursery?

    I've looked everywhere, and can't seem to find one! I have this image in my head and I can't find anyone that's done it at all. I'm looking for whimsical halloween style decor, not super creepy scary. Although I have plenty of ideas already, I'd love to see some things that have either already been done or decor that's specifically meant for a nursery.

  8. What was your theme at your baby shower?

    I've got a baby shower coming up and would like some creative ideas. I'm not throwing the shower for myself of course but would like a few suggestions to give to my friends who are throwing it for me. I am having a little boy. Ummm, what's wrong with having a theme? Besides, it is kind of a kiddie birthday party, the kiddie just isn't born yet. I don't see what you're sticking your nose up at. And maybe we will have goodie bags and I don't see a damn thing wrong with that either.

  9. Daycare-what would you suggest for decor for a daycare?

    I AM seeking any idea or magizine you might know of for daycares as far as decorating my basment for a daycare to be started.. Well thank you ladies! I was thinking jungle like because my sister is a ARTIST and I love nature and animals and my daycare is called "Mother Nature" daycare what other ideas might we think of! I love your ideas Cheers!!!

  10. what colour should you paint a babies room / nursery?

    need new carpet and curtains anyway so basically starting with a blank canvas? Any ideas? Im not finding out if boy or girl so would rather not do pink or blue