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Modern Nursery Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What paint colors would be ideal for a serene home office with Scandinavian-modern furniture and aesthetics?

    My stepmom is in the process of converting two small guest bedrooms into one large home office that is adjacent to a nursery. The room that is connected to the nursery (by a bathroom) is currently painted a medium-hued turquoise called Blue Ground by Farrow & Ball, and will serve sort of like the sitting area of the office. She adores the color, and will most likely keep it. The other room is wallpapered, but they're going to remove the paper and paint. There is still a partial wall up, so even though the space is open, there is a separation between the two rooms. This is why I think it would be nice to have the rooms two different colors that harmonize with one another. She is considering painting three walls a cloud white and having one accent wall with color. All of the furniture that will go in the room has a Scandinavian-modern aesthetic to it, sort of like the IKEA style but higher quality. Most pieces are either white or blonde wood, and have clean lines. There is a lot of natural light streaming in. She is wanting the space to have a serene vibe to it with colors that are calming but not boring. We're in Southern California, so she's considering incorporating some ocean-inspired decor, like a driftwood coffee table and maybe sea glass colors, but it won't be like a "beach theme." Do you have any paint color suggestions? Unfortunately, I'm in college several hours away, so I don't have any photos to share of the space. This is the color of the room that is already painted: http://us.farrow-ball.com/blue-ground/colours/fcp-product/100210

  2. How would i decorate a Nursery Using Dark/Black Furniture?

    So i purchased Black ( i believe its black or just really dark brown) furniture for my son's nursery. And I want to know what colours i should use to keep it bright because there are 3 dark pieces (crib, dresser, cabinet) thanks for the help, also if there are any decorating web sites anyone knows of that i should check out, include them for me too, thanks

  3. Any ideas on Nursery Theme/Decor for a Baby girl?

    I need something simple but modern and sweet.

  4. whats is a good website to find nice home decor items?

    so far i got jcpenny, macys , and partylite anything else?

  5. What is the maximum age for the Zanzibar themed decor (from Kidsline)?

    We used the Zanzibar crib set (Babies R Us / Burlington Coat Factory / Baby Supermall) for the nursery; then, we switched to twin bedding (same theme) for his toddler / big boy room. He is turning 5 yrs old soon, and we aren't sure if we should redecorate with a new theme. I asked him what he wanted, and he said "an elephant on the wall". lol

  6. Gender Mutual Earth Tones for the Nursery?

    I want the nursery to feel calm. I think I'm going to paint it either an olive green or a light mocha colour. Green & brown are pretty much the typical earth tones, so I'm wonder what other colours would compliment well with the room but keep if feeling relax..? I'm thinking a shade of dark marine blue but I'm not sure. I just want it to be suitable or my boy as well as a girl. (: any ideas would be great. (No Yellow)

  7. Modern Nursery Room Decor/Wall Paintings?

    I'm wanting to turn my baby girl's room into a very chic and modern room! I would appreciate any ideas. I would love to save some money and paint my own paintings, any ideas or websites are welcome!!!!!! We are kind of on a budget, so things that i could do myself would really help!

  8. modern baby nursery wall ideas??

    ok, so i bought a black crib...the walls are blue and the curtains are goin to be green. but i need help with the wall..how am i going to paint in design wise. i was thinking about circles or nice designs from photoshop. i want it to be a modern/contemporary look. is there n e site i can get ideas from or c how it looks b4 i paint it?? i dont want to paint and then for it not to come out right...n e suggestions ??

  9. bedroom theme ideas with details on how to carry them through for my children...?

    this bedroom is for a 1 year old boy, 5 year old girl and 10 year old girl... I have 5 children total so yes those 3 will be sharing a room until I can afford to get another room or 2 built on to the house. I'm just looking for ideas for the room, not opinions on how I'm doing things, thank you...

  10. Modern Nursery Room Decor/Wall Paintings.?

    I'm wanting to turn my baby girl's room into a very chic and modern room! I would appreciate any ideas. I would love to save some money and paint my own paintings, any ideas or websites are welcome!!!!!!

  11. What decor would you use?

    I'm decorating my baby's nursery in dinosaurs and robots. I'm using modern, bright colors and staying away from any babyish pastels. I want to do a lot of DIY decorating such as painting my own pictures, making my own mobile, etc. Do you have any cute ideas?

  12. very unique decorating?

    I want to start decorating my unborn babies room, i need alot of help, i want it too look really different and modern,also i want the room to be unisex,and really colorful,any ideas all will help,thanks!!!!

  13. I need some help finding items for my nursery!?

    We found out today that we're having a boy! I've been toying with different ideas for nursery decor and I've finally decided a few things. I need some help putting the things I want together to make a nice room for our son. Here are some things I like and dislike: I originally wanted to do a big comic book theme. DC comics and maybe some comic-related decor such as shadow boxes I found that are shaped like comic chat bubbles. I also really like dinosaurs and have found some great art pieces of dinosaur heads on super cute and modern looking backgrounds. I would like to stick to bright colors as I think pastels just fade into each other and don't really stand out. We can't paint because we rent. The walls are white and the carpet is light beige-ish. The only piece of furniture we have so far for the baby's room is a white chest of drawers. It's rather old and beat up and we're going to need to paint it anyhow. It has three drawers and is about waist high. There is one small window that already has vertical blinds so I'm not sure we'd even need a curtain or anything. I don't want to get stuck with all of one theme and then not be able to throw in other things that I find that I like along the way. How would you decorate this room?