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Butterfly Nursery Decor Questions Answered!

  1. What color should I paint my walls?

    Okay, quick description of my room: My dresser and sleigh bed are cherry dark wood. My drapes are flowy to the ground, white, but have crinkles pressed in. I have creme lanterns draped over them. Lime green and blue pots. Lime green striped couch. white butterfly chandelier. Glass and gold tables. And, this may be hard to work with but please try, a green frog table, from my nursery (quite whimsical) Pink trash can. Bedding is an eggplant purple catalina quilt from anthropologie. Whimsical sun mirror. Butterfly pictures. I am not a fan of pink, so that is out of the question. I have a whimsical, shabby chic style, but unfortunately, I am only 16, so I live with my dad. My dad won't allow me to put wall paper up, so that's out of the question. My room is rather large, so I don't mind it looking bigger. I am a fan of blue so.... yeah, if you can incorporate a shade I'll be a happy camper. What color should I pant my walls? Thanks, -Kat Xxxx

  2. Moving 2 year old into toddler room. What does she need? I already have a toddler bed but don't know what else?

    I don't want to go overboard but I also want to make sure she has everything. I know I need to get her a dresser because the dresser she has now is going to stay in the nursery for the new baby. I want to get her a chair so that I can read her bedtime stories. I don't want there to be that many playing things or toys because I don't think she would ever go to sleep if there are those kind of things in her room.

  3. im making foam decor for baby room. dont want to nail it what glue works good..?

    im looking for something to stick in the wall that can hold decor foam flowers and butterflies for nursery.. i dont want to use nails i dont want to harm the wall something that can be easible to peel off when i move out.. and wont leave stain... is there any glue that can work or like stick pad i can glue to foam and then stik on wall .. hellllppp please

  4. Strawberry Shortcake room decor ideas?

    I was thinking it would be cute to put big strawberries on the walls (NO walpaper) but I would prob. have to make them myself.. Any ideas?

  5. Handcrafting baby decor for the nursery?

    Any ideas of or instructions on what to do? I'm having a baby girl and would love to use some kind of ribbon in the decor! All other ideas are welcomed too!

  6. Whats a good theme for a baby boy?

    The fun part is finally here! I should say "A fun part" I've actually really enjoyed my pregnancy! I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and Im so happy to have a boy! Just want some ideas on how to decorate for him. I was thinking a sea theme but Im not in love with that idea. Any suggestions?

  7. What is your baby or child's bet set?

    What kind of bedding and decor are in your nursery and is it hard to find matching accessories or pictures to match?

  8. I love this idea of hanging butterflies if we have a girl, but what can I hang for a boy's nursery instead?

    http://weedecor.com/weedecor_New/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/princess-nursery-decor.jpg I love the way it makes the room look and feel... the space it takes up above the bed. What could you hang for a boy?

  9. Which nursery theme do you like best?

    These might not be the exact themes I'd pick out, but they are just to give you an idea of the theme and colour schemes I am debating between. I am not a huge fan of pastels, so I am not sure about the Star and Moon theme (at least the colours.) But, I still find it very cool. This room would be for a baby girl. Lavender/Floral theme: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2919878 http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3370711 Lady Bug/Floral theme: I like the bright red and green lady bug theme. Or, reds and black (not the light pink and light green lady bug themes) http://www.butterfly-nursery-decor.com/ladybugb-1063498-B001EN4TGS-Little_Ladybug_Red_and_White_Polka_Dot_9_pc_Baby_Girl_Crib_Bedding_Set_by_JoJo_Designs.html http://www.butterfly-nursery-decor.com/ladybugb-1063498-B000S6N0JE-JoJo_Designs_9_Piece_Baby_Crib_Bedding_Set_Ladybug_Parade.html Stars and Moon theme: http://www.ababy.com/data/moon-stars--nursery-rhymes/moon-stars--nursery-rhymes-2052.html http://www.ababy.com/data/moon-stars--nursery-rhymes/moon-stars--nursery-rhymes-1391.html

  10. A little help with painting the nursery?

    Me and my partner are trying to work out a neutral color themed nursery for our soon to be bubby we are not finding out what we have until the birth. we had in mind something to do with the ocean or beach how would would you paint the walls for this theme i want something cute and age appropriate. please give me your ideas and if you no of any sites as i cant seems to find any thanks everyone. xox

  11. Does your child's room have a theme?

    I had a theme for my daughters nursery called Gossamer Wings. Its a really girly theme with butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs. It came with matching bedding, window valance wall decor and bedding. Now that she is older and ready for a toddler bed, I would like to change her theme. Just wondering what your child's nursery theme was, and what you changed it to (if you did).

  12. Decorating the Nursery ideas?

    We find out the gender of our baby June 11th if the baby "shows it's good". However I have a strong feeling that I am having a boy. Well, I am trying to figure out a Nursery theme. I really love the colors blue and brown and don't' want something to "babyish".Because I know that in a few years my little man won't like teddy bears etc. What did you do for your nursery? Any ideas?

  13. Arts and Crafts ideas?

    I'm doing face painting tomorrow for the elderly. I'm not sure if the men will like that. My Mom is going to bring my dog in, but I'm worried about the hearing and seeing impaired. Any ideas for arts and crafts for Men?

  14. Bedroom accessories, websites please (:?

    I really want things to decorate room like butterfly wall stickers, and other girly things, does anyone know some websites with really cute things for 16 year old girls? thanks x

  15. What theme is your nursery?

    More specifically, what color theme?