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Birthday Party Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Suggestions for a Madeline birthday party for a 5 year-old?

    My girls just love Madeline and I am looking for some creative ideas for birthday party decorations. I've read through some blogs and am planning a Paris Madeline for my 5 year-old and a Madeline and the Gypsies for my 3 year-old. I am going to keep the food simple as there will be lots of little people. Any suggestions for cute and not-too-costly decorations would be greatly appreciated!

  2. What's a good kid's birthday party decoration idea?

    I have about a dozen left over plastic tablecloths that I would like to use to make birthday party decorations with. Perhaps some kinda of pom-pom or something. please comment links or website names if necessary. thanks! Looking for sincere answers. Not some a-hole making a haha.

  3. Where can I find Nemo party decorations in the Houston area?

    I tried Party City & Garden Ridge. Where else could I look to find Nemo Birthday party decorations? I don't want to buy them online due to time constraints. I've settled for just generic streamers and such but I can't even find those anywhere. I live in the Pearland area if anyone knows a place near there. Thanks!

  4. Does anyone have any homemade decoration ideas for a mexican birthday party for a 9 year old that we can make?

    I want to make my own mexican birthday party decorations for my daughter's 9th birthday party. Maybe flowers, pinatas, etc.

  5. What kind of merchandise is at the employee only store at Disneyland?

    I know there is a store at Disneyland that is for employees only. My husband's grandma has access because she is a DLR retiree but she hasn't been there in a while. I want to know what kind of stuff I can find there and if I can find birthday party decorations and stuff. Please don't recommend other Disney stores and discount stores I've been to them all!! I only want to know about this specific one.

  6. Anyone know any websites where I can find Marines decorations for my sisters going away party?

    All I'm finding is little kid birthday party decorations but my sister is 19 and I want her to have a great going-to-boot-camp party! Help!

  7. Where can I get Coraline birthday party decorations?

    My niece wants to have a Coraline themed birthday party this year and I don't know where I can get the decorations from can somebody help?

  8. what are some ideas for a 21st birthday party in a party hall?

    I am celebrating my 21st birthday party in 2 months and I have a DJ, Karaoke, preety much Open bar, the color theme is purple , white and ivory. I am just wondering if anyone has anymore ideas for a 21st birthday party and like decoration ideas that I could use for a party hall.

  9. Where can you find Godzilla birthday party decorations?

    My little brother wants a Godzilla theme for his 8th birthday. But it's impossible to find anything Godzilla anymore! I'm looking for absolutely any typical party decorations (plates, cups, tablecovers, party hats, treat bags, balloons, etc.) with Godzilla on them. Thanks!

  10. What type of food should you have at a 13 year olds Hawaiian themed birthday party?

    My daughter is having her 13th birthday party soon. We already have decorations and games all we need is help on the FOOD part the only thing we don't want is...... Hawaiian pizza!!!!! Thank You in advance :) :) :)

  11. need ideas for birthday party decorations that cover every month of the year for 130 girls?

    this is a girls camp with a cruise theme. each night is a differet theme. 1st night we want to have a big birthday party. we need to set up tables to seperate grls according to the month they were born. need ideas on how to decorate each table and the lodge in general. thought about using holidays or seasons and even birthstoneswhich i loved but cannot find 2 website with the same birthstone information. we want it to be special and affordable. party favors too-help!!!

  12. What kind of decorations should i get for a godfather theme birthday party?

    I'm having a birthday party for my dad and i wanted to have a godfather theme since that's his favorite movie but i don't know what to do since ive never seen the movie. What kind of decorations and food should i have? Where can i get decorations at? is it suppose to be in the 1940s?

  13. My daughter's 3rd Birthday Party is Disney Princesses. What kind of decorations would be best?

    My daughter's 3rd birthday party is next weekend, and i still need to get the decorations. She wanted princesses so that's what we're doing. It's going to be outside because I dont have air conditioning and my house is just too small to have people inside. How should I decorate?

  14. What are some unique ideas for party favors/decorations for a movie theater/hollywood themed birthday party?

    I have some really great ideas already, but I am still looking for new and unique ideas for a movie theater/hollywood themed birthday party for an adult. Rather than handing out movie tickets I am stringing them up as decorations along with hanging popcorn buckets and stringing popcorn through the house. We are doing the floor lights and everything, but I have a lot of space to fill. Any more ideas along these lines?

  15. What is a good 12th birthday party theme for a girl?

    My daughter's birthday party is tomorrow, and I don't have a theme for her. Any theme that can have homemade decorations and a cake!

  16. Where can I find angel-themed decorations for a birthday party?

    I'm going to the Philippines to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday and we want to throw her an angel-themed birthday party to commemorate my late grandfather who watches over us and also because her name has "angel" in it. I'm looking for disposable things like confetti, hanging things, wall decorations, banners and such. I live in the DC area but will most definitely buy some online if I can only find some! Thanks for any help you can provide.

  17. What type of materials can I use for an outdoor birthday party??? the theme is Super mario.?

    I am throwing my twins a super mario birthday party, and I'll be making all of the decorations myself. I need advise as to what materials to use for the centerpieces, theme decor, etc. It will be in a park and its usually very windy that time of the year. Hope you guys can help!!!