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Graduation Party Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What are some high school graduation party decoration ideas for an artist?

    My graduation party is coming up soon, and I am graduating high school with plans on going into an art/illustration major. What would be some unique decoration ideas? Most importantly, what would be some good centerpiece ideas? NOTE: The party is going to be outdoors. So no confetti/papers that will fly away.

  2. What should i get for a luau themed graduation party?

    me and my friends are throwing a luau themed 8th grade graduation party. what kinds of food, decorations, and activities should we do? This is what we have so far: coconaut glasses grass skirts hawaiian shirts tiki lamps some type of hawaiian served pork tropical fruits like pinapple leis (flowery necklaces) hawaiian music any others? also what could we do, like activities?

  3. Anyone have ideas for a graduation party for a nurse?

    I am graduating soon from nursing school. After 4 incredibly hard years I am going to have some fun planning and having a nurse themed graduation party. I will have a thermometer shaped cake, ACE bandages for streamers, an IV bag looking like it is to serve the punch, and more. I'm looking for more ideas for decorations, favors, and fun things to do. Please help!

  4. What are good party supply stores?

    I was wondering what are some good stores (online or not, it doesn't matter) to buy graduation party decorations other than Party On? I have been looking and coming up short and i have to start buying stuff for my High school graduation party ASAP because my party is June 9! Thank you for your help!

  5. What meet-free foods could I serve at my luau themed graduation party?

    My heart is set on a luau themed graduation party, but I'm vegetarian. What can I make that will be meet free? Also, if anyone has any suggestions regarding decorations... I'm all ears!

  6. How can I make my own New York City themed party decorations?

    I'm throwing a Birthday/Graduation party with a New York City theme. Balloons are not allowed at the banquet facility that I have rented. The ceilings are also high and I'm not allowed to hang anything on the painted walls. So I wanted to buy some props but they are too expensive. Anyone have any ideas of how to make some great decorations for my theme?

  7. How to throw a graduation party?

    I want to Know How to throw a super cute yet simple and affordable graduation party it will be in june so i want to have it outside. Any Ideas? For like food ,entertainment, and favors? And also when is a good day to have it? The day after the actuall graduation or the weekend to follow? the graduation is on a saturday its a high school graduation,but there will be little kids there.

  8. What's a good graduation party game using classes I've taken?

    I am graduating college w/ my Bachelor's degree. I've taken 71 classes, and I wanted to incorporate the names of all my classes into some kind of decoration or game at my graduation party. I thought of make a collage or put each one on a piece of paper and hanging them from the ceiling, but I'm not that crazy about either of those ideas. I can't think of a game or activity for them. I just need ideas. Got any?

  9. How can we take attention away from a badly damaged ceiling for a graduation party?

    We can't afford to fix the ceiling before the graduation party, as this was completely unexpected. What can we do to hide the problem? (about a square foot of the ceiling came down and it isn't very pretty).

  10. How to pull off a great Graduation party?

    I'm gonna have my brother a graduation party and need some ideas. It will mostly be family. *Decoration *food *game

  11. How do I throw the best graduation party ever?

    I am having a graduation party, but I don't what to do or have there. like What kind of food do teens like? and What kind music do teens like? I NEED HELP!

  12. Fiesta Mexican Themed Graduation Party Ideas?

    My son just graduated and we are planning his graduation party. He wants a Fiesta theme. We would like to budget most of our money on food. The party will be at a park under a pavillion. I need suggestions for cool food items....how to set it up...what to include. Also....we need suggestions for decorations. Thank you!

  13. What should i do for my graduation party?

    I'm having a graduation party (from high school) and i need some awsome ideas. My family and friends will all be there so i want to be able to keep them all entertained when i'm not around. please list any ideas, or anything that worked for you. :]

  14. Any ideas how to decorate a graduation party with a ballroom theme?

    I wanted to throw a ballroom graduation theme party to give everyone a chance to dress up in ball gowns and tuxs before heading off to college, cause not many people have the chance to. I really need help with decorating ideas that stand out. I would really appreciate it.

  15. What are the best ideas for the craziest and best teen party?

    I am going ot have my graduation party soon and it will probably be the last time I will see most of my friends because I am going to basic training, so I want to have the best party ever. I am 18 and most of my friends are around that age. So give me some ideas, I have planned to invite a lot of people. Ideas like what to have at the party, what kind of party etc, anything that you think will make the craziest and most memorable party.

  16. My son will be graduating from high school and I need party ideas for food and decorations.?

    My oldest son will be graduating in June and I want to have a party which will be a mix of high schoolers and adults. What have you done for your child's graduation party. Any ideas for food/recipes and decorations. Thanks! I know it's very early but I am a big planner. I am a single mom working and going to school.

  17. What are some ideas for an outside graduation party?

    I'm having my graduation party outside. I have a pool, lots of concrete, a grassy hill, and about eight people coming... any ideas? so far, I have chalk, beach balls, and bubbles!! :D lol