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Halloween Party Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. what are some good websites for some ideas for good scary home made halloween party decorations?

    me and my husband are throwing a halloween party, we are 19 and 20 and our guests will be ranging 18-22 so we dont want anything cute or funny, we want scary. any ideas?

  2. How do you host a Halloween party on a tight budget?

    I am wanting to host an adult Halloween party without breaking the bank. What are some suggestions for decorations, food, etc.? What do you even do at an adult Halloween party? Sadly, I don't think I have been to an actual party but I do love Halloween and love entertaining so I need some really good, inexpensive ideas!

  3. How to throw an awesome halloween party?

    I'm in 8th grade and I am having a halloween party on the 27th. My cousin and I are planning it and we are each inviting 20+ friends. I was just wondering like what games to play like: flashlight tag in the woods, etc. What food to serve too. I would also like to know what kind of decorations we could make too. We are having a bonfire and having the party in my garage.

  4. What are some good ways to scare my friends at a Halloween party?

    Hi! I'm hosting a halloween party for all of my friends at my house. I am planning to scare them when they walk into my basement. Also, I am going to decorate my basement so it looks really creepy when they enter. Do you have any ideas on what effects/decorations i should have in my basement, and how i could scare them? Also, i'm looking for more of a haunted house setup, more than just jumping out in front of them and screaming "boo!" if you know what i mean.

  5. How to make a great Halloween party?

    Me & my cousin are planning to have a Halloween party for the kids. We need Decoration ideas, games, food, any ideas you have thanks.. we are gonna try the cheapest way.

  6. What product can we use to stick decorations to outdoor painted stucco in humid Florida that is removable?

    We're hosting our 2nd annual Halloween party & need to get decorations to stick to the outside of our house without damaging the stucco -- we've tried everything.... duct tape, double sided carpet tape...... need suggestions, please!

  7. How to throw a highschool halloween party ?

    My friend wants to throw a really big halloween party. We're in 9th grade. There isn't going to be any alcohol. What are some good ideas for decorations and things to do for highschoolers. There CANNOT be any kiddy games or decorations. good kinda scary movies too !

  8. What different ideas, games, food, decorations can I use for my Halloween party?

    We are about 12-14 yrs old and there is about 20ish people going to my Halloween party for 3hrs and i was wondering what kind of things to do, decorations, food, games, all for cheap and parents will accept!!!!! These are middle school kids!! boys and girls!! remember were not babies!!

  9. How to throw a good Halloween party for high school Freshmen?

    My mom is thinking about letting me throw a Halloween party. I was just wondering how many people I should invite? My house isn't small it just isn't the biggest. I don't want it to get out of control and I don't think it will if I just keep it with people I know. Also what should I do for food and decorations? Should I make it a costume party since it's based on Halloween? Help! By the way, we're freshmen and I'm freshmen class president if that changes anything haha

  10. How can i convince my parents to let me have a Halloween party?

    we have the space for it, the house isnt that messy and i told them i would clean it up, i have 20 dollars to cover decorations and some of the food, it's only like 12 people. my parents just dont like having parties but i really really want to have a halloween party! how can i convince them?

  11. Im going to a Halloween party with kids,what kind of snacks should i bring?

    Im going to a Halloween party,what kind of snacks should i bring? What kinds of snakcs should I bring Brownies cookies or what? Chips or something HELP PLEASE!

  12. How can I make my Halloween party have scary and original?

    I am having a Halloween Party and I don't know how to give the decorations "that special something" that would make it seem like a real Halloween party before my guests arrive at 5:00 tomorrow. I don't want to spend a lot of money either...

  13. How do you throw an awsome Halloween party when you are 13?

    I am throwing a Halloween party but I need it to be awsome, scary and cheap and I'm only 13. My mom does not want to help me so I have to do this by myself. Do you have any sugestions for me?

  14. How to plan a halloween party?

    Me and my bff want to have a halloween party this year. We don't want it to be lame and we have all kinds of friends coming. Do you have any ideas on planning the party?

  15. How to throw a halloween party for teenagers?

    i'm 15 (girl) & my mom said i can throw my first halloween party this year but she said i can only invite about 7-10 friends... What should i do for... Food? Drinks? Movies? Decorations? Entertainment? Please help !!!! btw i live in a trailer park, so we don't have much land for outdoors stuff !

  16. What are some halloween party ideas for an extremely tight budget?

    Me and my friend are having a Halloween party but all we have is 7 dollars so what are some ideas for a Halloween party for 5 girls?

  17. How to throw an amazing halloween party?

    Hi everyone- So every year at my school there are a few people that throw an amazing halloween party that everyone in the school goes to and I am in charge of it this year. We have a venue and everything but I just need a few tips. Anyone have some pointers? Thanks!