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Luau Party Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Where can i buy wholesale luau party decorations?

    Does anyone know any cheap places to buy luau party decor besides Party City, Oriental Trading, or E-bay?

  2. What snacks and decorations should I use for a luau party?

    I'm hosting a luau party for my friends and I. What should I use for snacks and decoration? I'm holding this party for my friends. Please no alcohol. I am also looking for activities. I already have ping pong, limbo, dancing, and a HULA hooping contest. Please help?

  3. Any ideas for a summer luau party?

    I am planning a summer luau party for July. Any fun ideas?

  4. What are some good tips to throwing a dry Luau party? (Decorations, Food, Music suggestions etc.)?

    I am hosting a Luau themed pre-game party for my fraternity and a neighboring sorority. It has to be dry because of our school regulations. I was wondering about how to throw an awesome dry mixer with this theme. I'd really appreciate any responses.

  5. What kind of foods can I serve at a luau without breaking the bank?

    I'm having my sixteenth birthday party in may and my step mom wants to know what foods and decorations I want now so we aren't rushing around last minute. I want to know what kinds of foods I can serve at a luau party that I can just get at my grocery store, without going to a special store. Any food ideas for appetizers, meals, and deserts would be good. Please include the recipe or a link to the recipe if needed. Thanks!

  6. What is some good food to serve at a luau party?

    I'm making a luau party and I want some food that will taste great.I want to serve fruits and chips as a snack to hold my guests until the cake comes.I'm okay with pizza,I just don't know what to serve any suggestions????

  7. Calling all creative people to help my niece and I?

    My niece, Ariana is having her Sweet 16 in 2 months. It is a luau party. There will be swimming. We know the decorations we are buying and the food we are making but we are stuck on games. Pool games and outside games. We have limbo, of course. My mom suggested a few games. So we were wondering, what type of pool games and regular games would you play?

  8. I want to plan a luau birthday party for me and my friend, how can I make a luau birthday simple and fun?

    I want a luau birthday party for me and my friend, but my friend wants a simple party and i want a luau with decorations. So i wondering how can i make it simple but still be a luau? I need help!

  9. What activities should i have at my Sweet 16?

    I will be celebrating my Sweet 16 and i think i want to do a Luau party but i need some activites to do! Please help!

  10. For my 30th birthday I am having a Luau themed party? I need help with food and drink ideas!?

    I am looking for simple food and drink ideas for a luau party.

  11. How can I incorporate fish nets into the decorations for a luau party?

    I have a small budget, and a few decorative fish nets, but I am unsure of how to incorporate them into the party decor. Help! Thanks a bunch!

  12. Besides Oriental Trading Company, where can I get Hawaiian party stuff?

    Oriental Trading Company stuff is so cheap....Is there anyplace online that sells higher quality stuff? I need decorations and party favors for a luau birthday party. thanks. Oh, if you have any creative ideas for this type of party, I'd love to hear them.

  13. I need a cute saying involving flamingos for my relay for life team?

    The American Cancer Society's theme this year is birthdays so my team is having a luau birthday party with our main decoration being flamingos. I need a "slogan" if you will, about fighting cancer that ties in flamingos. We have thought about "Flocking to a cure" but would prefer the word flamingo in our slogan. Any ideas?

  14. Luau party in northern minnesota, back yard small along with small budget. Any ideas for food or decorations?

    I live in a small town and am having close friends and family over. i am getting some decorations from oriental tradings, but need some home-made ideas along with some food ideas that would be rather inexpensive. thanks for your help!