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Cheap Party Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. Good site for discount party decorations?

    I need a good site for cheap party decorations. I wanted to do blues clues for my sons first birthday, but they discontinued the BC decorations and it's like $5+ for 8 plates on ebay, and I can't see paying that for something we're going to throw away. What are some good sites for plates/napkins, etc. at reasonable prices?

  2. What are some of your favorite party decorating tips?

    I am looking for some elegant and fun, yet inexpensive, party decorations for an indoor summer-time party. What are your favorite decorations and/or resources for ideas and supplies? Thank you all in advance for your anwers!

  3. Any ideas fora Fourth of July party?

    I am wanting to have a party for about 15 of my girlfriends. We're all around 15 years old. I want to keep costs down for me, but I want to throw an awesome party. I want to have a lot of desserts and great entertainment. I also want to have some decorations, minimal decor would be fine. I need tips on how to keep the cost down and what some cool activities to do would be (like movies, photo booth, waterslide). Also, websites or stores for cheap party supplies would be good help, too. Thanks!

  4. what are some good halloween party ideas for teens?

    kk i have little money, its a small group of people, with no boys :( i need some help with cheap party games decorations etc. its on halloween night so its going to be at my house.

  5. We are having a party, ideas?

    My mom is having a big party in a couple of months. I will be in a woodsy place. Lots of people will be there, like 80. Any ideas on cheap/free party decoration ideas? I'm planning on putting Christmas lights in the trees and we bought some hanging lanterns too. Any craft ideas? Other tips? Thanks!!!

  6. Tips for planning an 18th birthday dance bash for under 1 grand?

    The party is a Hollywood princess theme dinner dance. I found a cheap venue which is a church and my dress will be vintage. I am inviting 40 people. This is all I have to spend. What should I do for food and music? Party decorations? Linens? Cake? Should I have floral centerpieces or just ditch them? Please don't tell me I should forget about it because 1 grand isn't enough. I really want this party to happen on my budget. Tips please?

  7. Where can I get cheap party decorations online?

    Especially pirate themed ones. I can do an internet search myself. I am interested in businesses you have purchased from and liked.

  8. What store sells hawaiin theme birthday decorations?

    So for my 13 birthday in August i'm having a pool party in my house and i live in philly and i was wondering what stores sell this or it could also be a pool party decoration.I'm on a cheap budget.I'm inviting about 8-10 friends and im also wandering where to get a birthday cake that makes cakes like that show cake boss (i want a pool cake).

  9. What kind of birthday party could I have?

    I am a 13 year old girl with no pool, about 18 girls coming to a party, who has to have her party at her house or just somewhere pretty cheap. My party is in a little over a week and I have no idea what to do.

  10. What to do for a 12 year olds Hollywood themed party?

    I'm having a party! The theme is Hollywood and I have thought of a bunch of stuff but I still want some more ideas, of cheap decorations, and games. I have a very tight budget so I'm looking for stuff I can do for cheap. The party is going to be a sleepover with about 10 girls. Thanks so much. :)

  11. I need decoration and game ideas for my son's first birthday. Any suggestions?

    My son's middle name is Zissou from Life Aquatic, and we wanted to throw him an underwater/fish party! I have children from ages 3 to 10 arriving for his party and I need ideas for activities they can all do and some party decoration ideas would be great too! and any special food or drinks that would stick with the theme of the party.

  12. How to have an awesome and cheap party?

    I'm turning 17 in april, and i really want to have a party, but i'm on a really tight budget. Any tips or ideas?

  13. What are some inexpensive 21st bday ideas?

    I'm looking for ideas for my party, like cheap decorations (diy included), drinks (like punch recipes) and food. I would be having between 20-50 people in my backyard. Its really undecided yet :)

  14. anyone have any great scary Halloween party ideas?

    I'm decorating a really big house for a halloween charity party, so all the decorations have to look awesome, but be really cheap. One thing that I do want above all is a fog machine, though I doubt that I will use one ever again, so I want to rent it. But yeah the front and back yard is really big, the back yard and open area in the house is where the party-going will be, and we really want it to be awesome. So please give me cheap party ideas/ stores to buy it at! Thanks!

  15. What are some easy and cheap decorations and flowers and cake ideas for a christmas themed wedding?

    I am getting married December 27th, 2008. I need some ideas as far as decorations, flowers, and cake layouts with a Christmas theme to them. I have thought abouut having my children cut out snowflakes from paper, and hang those from the ceiling. I am on a very tight budget and need some good, but inexpensive, ideas for flowers, decorations, and the cake. PLEASE HELP. ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. My colors are the traditional green, deep red, white, and we are throwing a little bit of purple.