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Baby Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. What is the baby r us for victoria, there is only one's in NSW?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a baby shop that sells baby room decorations in Melbourne, Victoria? I'm having a baby so I want to be able to have sets to decorate the baby's room :) If anyone knows places in Melbourne that would be great! Thanks :) thanx 4 the answer u were really helpfull

  2. does anybody know good websites about home decoration ? with good images of rooms?

    kitchen decoration, bedroom decors, baby room decoration... plz?

  3. Does anyone know where i can find baby zanzibar themed shower tableware?

    I'm having a baby shower for my sister and her baby room is in the Baby Zanzibar theme. She would love it if I could do the baby shower in teh Baby Zanzibar theme as well. But I can't find tableware and decorations. Any ideas?

  4. Where to Buy Furniture For a Baby’s Room?

    My pregnant wife is on strict bed rest and she has asked me to take a stab at decorating our baby’s room. My better half has great taste and I want to surprise her with a terrific nursery. Can anyone recommend a high end store that sells baby furniture?

  5. How can I make a living room and a baby room in the same room?

    I'm about to move to a one bedrrom apartment, I was looking for a two bedroom but cannot affort it. I want to make the living room to also be my baby's room with out adding any walls to the apartment. Is that possible, I want it to look nice, please help

  6. What can I do with all these beautiful gift bags?

    I got so many beautiful gift bags at my baby shower. I really want to use them to decorate my baby girls room, problem is I have no idea how to use them. Any ideas?

  7. what age do babies first start seeing colors? would a rainbow be a good decoration in a baby room?

    i need to make a decoration for a project in child dev class. a decoration or toy. im thinking to do a rainbow and put it on the window so the light could shine through the different colors. for the baby to look at. or if anyone has other ideas?

  8. What colors should I paint the babies room?

    I'm having a c-section Feb 22nd. And need to get moving on the nursery. I do NOT know the sex. And I refuse the paint the bedroom, Yellow or Green. Does anyone have any nice suggestions on what I can do? I'm thinking a nice baby blue color, and if its a girl, just girl it up.

  9. what are some good ideas for Decorating a baby boys room?

    Yes I'm having a boy i am so HAPPY... but my husband is more happier than me and wants to start fixing up the baby room now so what are some good ideas?

  10. Where is a store that sells decorations borders for baby rooms?

    I'm fixing up the nursery for my baby and trying to find borders for the room. Been to Home depot, lowes and target but dont have anything good. I live in Roseville, Ca. So, it would be a great help in anyone in my area could help me.

  11. What are your cheap/inexpensive ideas for decorating a baby's room?

    I've personally gone to The Dollar Tree, picked up a few puzzles, glued them together, put them in a frame, and then hand them on the walls for decorations. I bought wooden letters from JoAnne Fabrics, spray painted them a base color, and added my own polka dots of various colors. Personally, I think paint, and few decorations can make a big difference. I've found things at yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops that we're inexpensive. Let me hear your ideas.

  12. Are bunnies a good theme for a baby shower for a boy?

    Some one asked me what my "theme" is. I'll be moving 2 months after having the baby so I am not spending a lot of time setting up a themed baby room. My friend is having a baby shower for me, am I supposed to suggest my "theme" ? I really like bunnies and used to raise them...would this be too girly for a boy?

  13. Can anyone give me some low cost ideas for decorating a room for little girls?

    Im expecting twin girls this winter. I've got a lot of ideas for decor, but I don't have a big budget. I've never decorated a little girls room before. The only room I've ever decorated is the room for my boys. I would really like some low cost, creative ideas of how to decorate their room, with a small budget. My budget is about $400.00. I would really appreciate some ideas, suggestions or helpful hints. Please no rude answers, Thanks.

  14. What would a cute saying be for a baby shower favor with a "hunter/camo" theme?

    I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend. The baby's room will be decorated in camo, and the theme is hunter/camo. What would be a cute saying to put on the favors? I'm not sure exactly what the favors will be. I'm thinking rice crispy treats with a little deer toy stuck on the top (if I can find some), or some sort of "out doorsy" decoration. I'm stuck with what to say on the tag.

  15. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to decorate a "Disney Princess" themed room for twin girls?

    Can anyone give me some inexpensive ideas of how to decorate a "Disney Princess" themed room for twin girls? I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions or input. Please no rude answers. Thanks.

  16. What craft or decoration could I make with my baby girl's bumper pads?

    I just bought an adorable bedding set for my baby girl, it came with some really cute bumper pads but I've read that they are unsafe to use so I don't plan on putting them in her crib. Any idea's on some cute crafty thing I could make out of them? They just seem too cute not to be used somehow. They are pastel pink, yellow, lavender blue and green with little satin butterflies, ladybugs, snails and flowers on them.

  17. Where can I find catalogues with pictures and ideas to decorate my baby's room?

    I have 2 girls and a baby boy on his way.I never decorated a nursery for a boy and I want it to be special without being to loaded.Where can I order catalogues to get ideas to do that? And I also need magazines or catalogues with youth dresses for my first born. She is soon having her Bat-Miztva Party and I want her to wear a special dress.If any of you have ideas for this 2 issues I will highly appreciate your help. And thank you in advance for all your responses.! I do not live in the continental US so it is very hard to walk into any store.That is why I need printed catalogues.