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Modern Living Room Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. I have a brick wall inside my living room, should I paint it or leave it alone?

    We just bought this house and the original owners had added on a living room to the back of this home and the brick that was on the outside is now inside the house and we wanted to see what other's thought. So, if we paint the brick would it make us lose value in our home???? What are your thoughts on this???? REALTORS WELCOME!

  2. Which theme should I use on my Christmas tree this year?

    This is my first Christmas in charge of the decorations and I can't decide how to decorate. Everything will be decorated around the trees theme. I have a red kitchen, a beige living room and my house is very open. I can't decide if i want to do a multi colored tree that is fun and youthful (I'm 22), try to pull off a blue "snowy" decor or a more traditional one with red and cream. What do you think?

  3. how do we furnish a living room with black and white checkered floor?

    I rented an apartment with a checkered floor (black and white) L shaped open living area. this is opened to the kitchen which is semi dark brown wood. i need help wih decoration, what colors, sofa shape, seatings..etc. any help??? i am into modern with a touch of classic and i want it to feel stylish, comfortable, spacious and inviting. the TV (plasma) will be the focal point of the room.

  4. Where can I find a lot of modern turquoise/chocolate decorations???

    I am decorating my living and dining room in the colors of turquoise and brown. (very bright peacocky looking turquoise) and I'm having a hard time finding decorations in this color. In particular, I would like a large glass turquoise vase to sit on the floor and hold stems or something. Does anyone know of any online stores?? Or custom made vase stores??? Thanks

  5. What kind of living room furniture goes with a barcelona chair?

    I am redecorating and purchasing a barcelona chair because I have always wanted one. I need suggestions for a sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc. to go with it. What should I get? I love mid-century design but I also have very eclectic tastes.

  6. Looking for what looks best with dark gray walls in a bedroom?

    I need help.... I have a medium size room with black and oatwood furniture, I am looking for what decoration, colors look best with dark gray walls. My husband and me are in our mid 20's so something modern.

  7. How come Europeans love tacky architecture so much?

    Their cities look so ugly, especially from a distance, and they refuse to modernize their cities.. Its like they are so proud to live in these 200 year old ghettos. All these ugly buildings, everyone with its own eye sore steeple, molded rain worn roofs, cracking walls, and so many decorations on the buildings your eyes don't know what to look at first. Then when they finally do modernize anything, like the Scandinavian countries, it ends up looking like a giant piece of IKEA furniture.

  8. Where can I by inexpensive furniture?

    First off, my style is modern/contemporary/ I'm finding it impossible to find any kind of cheap lamps, I would like a set so they match. For the living room, the carpet is dark brown so i'm going for tans/creams/reds for the couches, love seats, and an accent chair. I want pillows, an area rug, and some wall hangings. For those I want the same colors plus some dark brown so it pulls in the carpet. I'm still looking end tables, the only wood color I really like is dark wood, cherry wood, chocolate, or something close.

  9. How can I find out my decoration style?

    I'm going to make my new home and I want it to have style..so are there any sites that I can find out what kind of style i like and tips to help me create it in my house??

  10. What will your Christmas tree look like this year?

    Traditional or will you have a theme? I am gonna to have red and gold balls with white lights this year. I always prefer the Traditional colored lights and different ornaments but I am trying something new this year.

  11. Where should i go holiday in North Africa?

    I really do need to get away for about 2 weeks. I have been to West Africa and I have also been around Europe I have been to Spain, France, Greece and Turkey but this time I feel like going to either Algeria, Morocco, Egypt or Tunisia basically somewhere in North Africa. Does anybody have any ideas what would be the best destination out of those places that I am thinking about and also good places maybe to go to in those countries? I would be going alone and I would stay in a room only hotel near shops but also somewhere near the sea would be grand to. I also want somewhere fairly hot at this time of year. I don't want something to expensive. I also would be going in about two weeks time.

  12. Where is most central place to stay in Tunisia?

    Currently I am looking into hotels in Port el Kantaoui - is this a good place to stay in terms of sight-seeing and access to excursions etc?

  13. Going to Tunisia this summer, is it possible to get socialized with nice Tunisians?

    Was planning to come with my girlfriend, now we are separated. Is there a chance to get a companionTunisian girl during my holiday? I need someone who wll be with me like a guide to the place and a sort of sharing fun duing this 2 weeks of holiday. Can I find modernized girl, who speaks English and of course without putting myself in problems with hard minded people there?!

  14. I'm thinking of decorating my bedroom with a fashion theme?

    ok, i'm 13, and i'm moving into a new house the end of july. I finally get my own bedroom. I'm going to have a full sized bed, and my room is pretty big, but not too much. it's average.please tell me how i should do everything: walls, bedding, lighting, floor, decorations, ect. I don't like pink a whole lot, but a pale pink is okay. I like dark red a lot better, or orange. By the way, dont give me links to teensthemes.com, or mariesmanor.com, i've already visited them. thanx sooooo much!!!!! here's a pic of sort of wat i had in mind. http://mariesmanor.fateback.com/Teens/Bedrooms.html okay, put that link into your browser, then scroll down to the pink picture that says "create a stylish dressing room theme". i sort of want something like that, except without the pink thanx

  15. How can i make dads house more livable?

    Dads house is old, and he is a lazy person, he just puts things whereever, it frustrates me, because i have to live there as well, but at my mums house its neat and modern. he doesn;t have a lot of money, but i just want some help on trying to enhance the houses appeal!