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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. who knows any good bedroom designs wed site to get ideas and tips?

    i would like to have some ideas to decorate master bedroom and tips on what colors to paint walls and what kind of furniture would look nice and fancy please send some wed site or pics of furniture what would be the best wed site to get ideas ?

  2. How to decorate a large master bedroom?

    My boyfriend and I have a HUGE master bedroom in our house with a walk in closet. We have 2 dressers, a wardrobe, our bed, 2 end tables, a hamper and still have so much empty space that it looks empty. Any ideas for what we can add to make it seem like a comfortable haven rather than a big empty room? We don't want a desk or anything as we have a separate office. Thanks!

  3. How do I decorate a "nook" in my bedroom?

    I have an area in my master bedroom that is kind of small. Maybe 4 ft wide by 3 ft deep. I have no idea what to do with it...a small table with a mirror over it is there now. I'm painting the room and would like to give the nook a new look. :) Any decorating ideas?

  4. Need some easy decorating ideas for a Master Bedroom?

    We have an older four poster oak bedroom set-its sturdy and well made and I just cant bring myself to get rid of it. I would really love to spice up my bedroom decor but cant figure out what would go well with the brown oak "country style" bedroom set. Im more into a contemporary or eclectic look now and I need help with some options...thanks.

  5. Any ideas for decorating my bedroom?

    My master bedroom isn't very big. I have two closets, one with sliding doors and the other is a walk-in. My carpet is a bone color and my bedroom set is black lacquer. Any suggestions, people?

  6. I need black and white decorating ideas!?

    My master bedroom is white right now and until I decide what I want to do with it, I'm doing black and white (my furniture is all black and my bedding is black and white as well) ANy decorating ideas, specifically for the walls? I want to keep it mostly black and white but some color accents wouldn't be amiss. Thanks. Also, something more mature and classy would be nice, as I'm not in high school or anything. Thanks.

  7. Does anyone have any pictures of a purple theme master bedroom?

    Do any of you have a purple bedroom? Like more of a violet purple rather than lilac. I need some decorating ideas and I'm at a loss :/ I'm thinking of purple walls and white trim ad molding ... what color accessories should I have?

  8. How do you put the color red in a bedroom without it looking like blood?

    I am looking to spice up my master bedroom with red, but don't know how much of it should be red and what other colors should I use to offset it? We have a beige carpet and white baseboards and closet trim and doors. Our bed is iron, our furniture is all fairly dark wood. I like the asian theme idea, but am not stuck to it. Thanks for your help

  9. Are there any sites with pictures available to help me think of ways to decorate a small apartment?

    If there are any pictures available please let me know. Thanks so much. Living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Oh and bathrooms...etc. Thanks a lot!

  10. When decorating a bedroom, should you choose your wall color or your bedding first?

    I am building a house, and I am trying to choose my wall colors. I was wondering if it is best to pick the wall color or the bedding first for the master bedroom? Any suggestions, please and thank you!

  11. I am remodeling my bedroom, what colors do you suggest?

    We are remodeling our master bedroom and thinking about painting it brown. Any ideas for a colour for the accent wall. Or, suggestions for other colors.

  12. Could someone give me some decorating ideas?

    I am wanting to redesign my house and can't find any websites that have been helpful with latest design trends and colours. I am mainly looking for lounge/dining and master bedroom ideas. Thanks.

  13. How should a single 22 year old man decorate his room?

    My roommate just broke up with his girlfriend and he doesn't want that room anymore. So I just got the master bedroom. I have a cherry wood sleigh bed and matching dresser. Besides that, I don't have anything else. Could you help give me ideas on how I could make it an inviting place for guests who might be in it.

  14. Master bedroom furniture is traditional dark brown (new), what color can I paint walls?

    Bedroom furniture consits of King size bed, two night stands and nine draw dresser. Considering to have 50" TV over dresser, sitting area and include small kitchenette.

  15. What Colors To Paint Our New Home?

    Me and my husband just proudly bought our first home and we are looking for advice on paint colors. What is Nice and refreshing, yet will not outdate. We want to be quite colorful (not just white) without being 'Oh My' (if you know what i mean). For Master bedroom, Guest rooms, Family room, kitchen, lounge room, bathroom (Pretty Much the entire house lol). And theme ideas for 3 year olds. Was thinking of the disney film Cars but they outgrow that kind of thing pretty quick, as parents would know. All ideas, opinions are greatly appreciated!

  16. I just moved in to a new house and there are no closet doors in the master bedroom. I am renting it so I?

    really dont want to buy new ones. I need some tips on decorating to cover the clothes. I was thinking I could put some kind of nice drapes with a few plants up on the shelves. What do you think?