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Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Teenage boy bedroom decorating ideas and tips?

    My son is coming home in a month and I want to give him a "new bedroom",The problem is I am on a TIGHT BUDGET,He loves music and has his drums and guitars already in there.He also likes calming classy colors.Any ideas how I can incorporate the 2 and on a budget?

  2. Some good black and white floral bedroom ideas?

    I'm getting my room decorated and want it to be black and white, floral print something like wallpaper on one wall and the rest painted white or something? Pictures please, oh and I'm 13 so teenage bedroom ideas

  3. Ideas for painting a teenage girl's bedroom, and decorating ideas?

    I like greens, blues, and dark brown, but not sure where to start? Also, any ideas for window treatments and organizing?? Thanks.

  4. Where are some good places to get new stuff for re-decorating a teenage bedroom?

    I need to re-decorate my room....badly. I have no idea where to get some teenage stuff for my bedroom. It can't be to expensive. My budget is 2000$ I mean like redecorating as in a new head-board, new chandelire,new everything.

  5. what are unique ideas for decorating a teenage girl's bedroom?

    i need some unique and fun ideas for decorating my 13 year old sister's bedroom. it isn't too big of a space, with only one small window...the ceilings are about 7ft. high, so no loft type furniture. pictures, or websites would be great :) please nothing too expensive! thank you again! as i mentioned...there is only one small window, so painting the walls black wouldn't work. but thank you for your suggestion!



  7. What are cool websites for decorating a teenage girls bedroom?

    What are some good websites/stores/places for decorating a 13 year olds bedroom? Anything from furniture to accesories to pillows. I want it to be REALLY cool!! Thanks!!!!!

  8. Any decorating ideas for a teenage bedroom?

    I really wanna decorate my room. It's so boring. I live in an apartment, which sucks because I can't paint it! Does anyone have any ideas on how to decorate it? Plus, I'm on a low-budget! Also, does anyone know where to get damask wall stickers?

  9. How to decorate my bedroom for a teenage girl?

    I'm moving into a different bedroom soon and can redo it. The doors and trim are light/medium brown and the carpet is tan. I can paint the walls and get new furniture and stuff and I need to figure out a theme. I wanted to do an all white theme, but would that be weird with the brown and tan doors and carpet? (I can't paint the doors or change to carpet) or is the white theme lame? If so what are some other cool themes or color schemes? Thaaanks!

  10. What are original ideas for decorating a teenage girl's bedroom?

    I'm a 13 year old girl interested in art and music and I need to redecorate my room. It is all pink and little-kid-ish and I'm sick of it. I have a friend who put Christmas lights around the top of her room and I was kind of going for that original style. Any ideas?

  11. What are some decoration ideas for a teenage girls bedroom?

    I'ma twelve and a half year old girl, who is trying to redecorate my bedroom. My parents won't let me buy a chalkboard, or a corkboard or anything else like that. I need some things I creative ideas, mainly things that I can make at home. Stuff like posters, collages, door signs etc. Please help!

  12. What are good bedrrom ideas for a teenage boy artist?

    I'm 13 years old and am wonder what are some ideas for a teenage boy artist's bedroom?

  13. How should I decorate my room?

    My oldest sister is leaving for college in fall, and we share a room but when she's gone, we're turning it into MY room- yay! First time EVER having a room to myself! (not that I won't miss her, lol) anyways, how should I decorate my room? like colors, any unique ideas for a teenage girl's bedroom, etc. thanks!

  14. I need some decorating ideas for a bedroom and bathroom.?

    I'm moving into a new house. I'm 17 and will have my own bedroom,bathroom and a small walk-in closet. What are some color schemes for the bedroom and bathroom and decorating ideas. Or what are some sites that have pictures of nice bathrooms or bedroom designs? Thanks :)

  15. I'm looking for web sites that will show me ideas for decorating a teenage girls bedroom?

    She is going to be 13, so a new teen. She has been asking for a big girls room, so that is what I am looking for is a big girls room, but yet still young and fun, not to mature.

  16. I want to decorate my room and need some ideas?

    Hi. My family recently moved and we are finally settled in enough to decorate all the bedrooms.(We move a whole lot and every time we redecorate the bedrooms.) I'm not really sure how I want to do my room but I'm leaning towards hot pink and zebra stripes. Does anyone have any good ideas or websites with decorating ideas/tips? Links to products are nice. I am a teenage girl. Thanks. :)