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Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good warm colour for a 13 year old girls bedroom?

    I am looking for a good colour to paint my girls bedroom. Id like it to be a fashionable colour and out will not go out of date soon. And are there any ideas for decoration?

  2. Anyone know a website with idea's for decorating a girls bedroom?

    I asked in a different section but got no answers... When I google girls bedroom it comes up with all fancy rooms, there is no way we have the money to do them. Does anyone know any websites where I can look at plain rooms to get ideas?

  3. Any unique fairy theme bedroom decorating ideas for 2 little girls?

    We are remodeling our girls' room and they are wanting a fairy theme. We already have the walls painted white with an allover sponge effect done in pink, so I'd like to mainly stick to that color and perhaps incorporate a bit of purple too. I'm looking for some creative ways to decorate using this theme. I am very crafty, so I would love to hear some DIY ideas although any other "thrifty" ideas are great too, since we are also remodeling our boys' bedroom as well and are on a strict budget. Thank you!

  4. What are some ideas to decorate a rented house?

    We live in a rental house, and I would like some simple decorating ideas and/or tips that won't cost a lot of money but that will make a diffenence even if it's small things that can be done or brought over time to add to the overall affect. I would like to concentrate on the living room first. Any websites that may help me would also be much appreciated. Thank you.

  5. What movies do you get decorating inspiration from?

    - FairyTale: A True Story: I love the old vintage attic look of the girls bedroom, with all the whimsical fairy things. - Practical Magic: the whole house has a beautiful witchy-Victorian look. - Uptown Girls: Molly's bedroom, with the vintage furniture and canopy and star ceiling. It looks like a life-size dollhouse. - Amelie: I love the burgundy walls and the whimsical prints/paintings.

  6. What's the best bedroom theme for a medium shade of green for wall color?

    I'm a 14 year old girl. My room is not really big and the furniture takes up a lot of space. What are some themes that could work without spending more than $20? Can you give me any decorating ideas?

  7. What are some ideas for decorating a 4 yr old girls bedroom?

    My daughters bedroom is a light purple , I just purchased her a comforter set from target with multi colors and butterflies, I am trying to find inexpensive wall decorations that do not stick to the wall.

  8. What are good teen bedroom decorating ideas?

    Im a 14 year old girl and Im looking for a little something to spice up my room. I recently got a new bedspread with bright pink, blue, and green. But besides my bed, everything else seems so dull. i could use some girly-ish things on my wall, floor, and/or desk. Im kind of on a budget so nothing to pricey please. Thanks! :)

  9. How to make wallpaper less noticeable?

    Okay, so I want to redo my room this summer. There's just one problem. I hate my wallpaper. It's striped (like white and pale pink) It's not really bright or anything and I know I'm not going to be able to tear it down and paint my walls. So how do I make it less noticeable? What decorations or other things would help take the attention off the wallpaper? Also, any other decorating ideas for a teen girl's bedroom would be appreciated! I also need a variety of color schemes and themes! Thanks in advance.

  10. Any ideas for decorating my 6 yr old girls bedroom, she wants fairies, and pink, i want to make it very pretty

    however i am on a budget so have to do it within my means. Any ideas very gratefully received, thanks x

  11. What are some good complementary colors to pink walls? to transform it into a more sophisticated sheek bedroom?

    My dad seems to be oblivious to the fact that his girls are fully grown women! so we are now stuck with hot pink walls in the female suite of our family house. I will rather not paint over it (and hurt his feelings :) so I am looking for complementary colors and decorating ideas to mute out this bold color and ground the space. Any suggestions?