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Winnie The Pooh Baby Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How should I decorate my little girl's bedroom?

    I am needing decoration idea's for my little girl's room. In 4 months I will be giving birth to another girl and they will be sharing rooms. I need it to be suitable both for my unborn baby and my 2 year old. Serious answers only please.

  2. How to host a nice baby shower at home?

    Well, after looking for restaurant and halls, we got to the conclusion that baby shower had to be done at home for my sister in law. Living room is not that big, I will say it's medium size; in addition dinning room is together with living room. I guess we will have to put chairs and sofa around the room in order to accomodate 40 adults! I think 40 adults is too much, but all of them are family members or close friends. Any suggestions? What kind of food should I serve? Where should we put the kids? Decoration? I will appreciate your help :-)

  3. Did you use the same nursery items for more than one child?

    I am going to be buying gender neutral (Winnie the Pooh) nursery items so I can reuse all the room/crib decorations with my next child regardless if it is a boy or girl. I know I sound cheap, but to decorate a whole nursery is going to cost me $500 and I figured the next baby won't care that it's second hand anyways! :) Plus we planned to have our children close in age. Did you use the same nursery items for more than one child?

  4. Where do they have really cute decorations for nurseries?

    I don't really want a "theme" I am more into the colors and some cute items to pull it all together. I have looked online a lot but mostly its all themed like winnie the pooh, and stuff. I really like the simple wall hangings and really cute lamps and things.

  5. if you could design a guinea pig nursery what would it be like?

    you get a new cage, or c&c cage, what would it be like? how would you decorate it?

  6. my son is getting his own room any decoration tips?

    so my baby is 8 months old & likes winnie the pooh i wanted some tips on decorating cause its his first time having his own room...&& i wanted to hang something cute on the outside of his door...help please...

  7. which one do you guys like?

    Precious moments or winnie the pooh or tweety. i like precious moments the best for baby room decorations. Plus I think precious moments is universal since we don't wanna know the sex of the baby untill it's born. by the way i'm not pregnant, we're just planning. I'm a perfectionist so i plan everything.

  8. I am throwing a baby shower and have no idea where to start.?

    My sister is due the first of August and they may have to take the baby early so I am throwing her baby shower in June 29th. I am having her cake made. I reserved a local community building. But other than that I have no clue where to start. I NEED HELP!!!!!

  9. Nursery decoration advice for boy and girl sharing?

    My daughter will be 2 when her brother is born and we are redecorating now because at the moment it is pink, pink and more pink. We have decided to leave the pink carpet as we can't afford to buy a new one but it is not really girly pink its sort of a darkish dusky pink. We are going to paint the walls yellow and have a winnie the pooh theme. We have already got some yellow winnie the pooh curtains What other ideas could you suggest that would make the room more interesting? What other colour could I put with the yellow as an accent colour apart from pink as I don't want it to look girly, but at thes same time I don't want the whole room to just be yellow with a pink carpet

  10. My babys room decorations help?

    I live in a house and I want to decorate my babys room many people say there goin to be boys to me it doesnt matter but what can I do what things will I need and what color should the room be I want to make it winnie the pooh but my baby daddy is like no he want the room to be all cars and cops help please

  11. Ideas for my son's first birthday party?

    I'm looking for ideas for my son's first birthday party (his birthday is on Thanksgiving but I will be having it the Saturday after). There will be mostly adults invited and just a few kids. Any ideas on food, decorations, theme, etc? What did you do for your child's first? Thanks! Little S, I LOVE that idea!!

  12. Nursery decorating ideas?

    We are having a girl in two months and we still haven't decorated the nursery. We both like the idea of painting the walls a light green, but can't decide on any themes. We thought about setting up a fish tank in her room and then bringing the colors in the fish tank into the decoration, but my sister says that is too boyish. I also think butterflies would be cute. I really could use some tips and ideas, so if you have any advice please let me know. I don't really want to do winnie the pooh, disney or baby animals. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!

  13. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas about a Winnie the Pooh baby shower for a baby boy?

    Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas about a Winnie the Pooh theme baby shower for a baby boy? I am throwing my close friend a baby shower in the fall. I need some food, decor, and game ideas that are parallel with the theme (Winnie the Pooh). My friend loves Winnie the Pooh so that is the baby's theme. I am already going to make HUNNY JARS as favors (LOL). One game I have in mind is "pin the tail on the eeyore". Besides these, I have no clue how to incorporate Winnie the Pooh in the party. I really want to use the characters and 100 Acre Wood as part of the party. For example, the 100 acre wood be the party, and each table have it's own theme (eeyore be blue, tigger table is orange.....). I got so far and went blank. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all responses pertaining to the question!!!! :) 2 days ago - 6 days left to answer.

  14. tips for holding a baby shower?

    have you got any ideas on where i start? its not common here in england but i would love to have one where do i start who do i invite any help would be great

  15. how do i decorate my baby's room's walls without using any paint?

    hi..im a stay at home mom since i got pregnant...im bout 7 months now...i was wondering if anyyone could tell me what should i do with the walls..i was hoping to put murals or wall stickers that i could take out once the baby grows out of it or when we have to move...any suggestions where i could find them?