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Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where can i find good websites with ideas for boys bedroom decorating?

    I am trying to redo my sons room and i want to see actual rooms! I really want to find paiting ideas for the walls and theme rooms?? Websites that show the entire room, not just the walls or not just the bedding etc...Any suggestions are appreciated. thank you!!!

  2. any ideas for an almost 5 boys bedroom (who is crazy about cars and any vehicle really)?

    we need decorating ideas...the room is a bit small, but has floor to ceiling windows with a sea view. he looooovess cars and the color blue.

  3. Bedroom ideas for 9 year old?

    Does anyone know where I might find some photos of a boys bedroom in a guitar/rock star type bedroom? Just looking for decorating ideas.

  4. Hot Wheels or Marvel comic heroes for 4 year old's bedroom?

    I am trying to decide whether to go with a Hot Wheels or Marvel Comic heroes (Wolverine, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, etc.) theme for my son's bedroom. He loves them both, so I want to use the one he will still like in a couple years. Any preferences and if so, can you give me some decorating ideas and places where I can buy everything?

  5. Any decorating ideas on boys Car themed bedroom?

    I am painting a mural of two of the "CARS" characters from the movie, we have picked out a bed thats a fire truck, and we are painting the other walls a light blue. However I am stuck at this point, I need other ideas to go with what I have choosen already. Black checkered flags in not what I am looking for, my son doesn't favor nascar, or drag racing, he just likes cars! Oh the room is supurbly sized 12x14 with a walk in closet.Please I need help!

  6. Girl and boy sharing bedroom decorating advice?

    My two kids. are 7 year olds and will be sharing a room. One a girl and one a boy. What are some cute bedroom sets that will go together well or were meant to be together, that will look great in their room.

  7. decorating ideas for a girl and boy playroom?

    I have an extra bedroom and we are looking to decorate it for the kids. Need help any ideas would be great. My daughter is a 1yr and half and son is 3. So I am looking for something unisex. Paint ideas (colors) anything. Thanks.

  8. How to decorate a 10 year old boys bedroom?

    new house - blank canvas!!! my 10 year old finally has his own room - how to decorate it???? any brilliant ideas??? he loves star wars, transformers, dragons, favorite colors are dark blue, red and orange, loves tigers - currently just simple wooden furniture - happy to paint it....

  9. I need ideas on how to paint my boys bedroom?

    I have 2 boys (ages 7 & 4) that share a fairly large bedroom. I want to paint it with some cool design that they'll like now and when they get older. Any suggestions would be great.

  10. i need ideas for decorating my childrens bedroom?

    i have 2 boys aged 3 and 2 and a little girl who is 1, the bedroom was decorated as thomas the tank engine before but kids being kids have ripped the wallpaper down so i want to paint it in colours to suit all 3, i was thinking of doing 2 walls baby pink and 2 walls baby blue but not sure now! any ideas?

  11. How can I decorate a bedroom that is used for a boy and a girl?

    I have a little boy and a little girl that are a year apart. Right now they are 1 and 2. I dont know how to decorate their room. I am trying to find a theme and colors. Any organization tips are welcome to. They have so many toys and their bedroom always looks cluttered even when I clean it. I am a first time mom and a first time house buyer. I have no idea how to decorate their room. Please help!!! Thank you!!!