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Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Good websites that will give me ideas on decorating kids rooms?

    I am trying to get ideas on decorating my two son's bedroom - one wants a car theme and the other wants an army theme. I would like to find some good websites with lots of ideas on decorating kids bedrooms - and even other rooms in the house as well.

  2. I need help on decorating a room that is being shared by two sisters. ages 13 and 8.Please and thankyou?

    I have a pinkish peachish wall in my bedroom , and pinkish very very faint peachish curtains in our room. They will stay there but we want to make the conforter sets pink and antoher colour ( we havn't chosen that yet - --- mybe you could tell me that) . Do you think it 'll match? I think so. opinions please. Please give me ideas for other decorating as well. Im 13 btu can sew very well and I have a 16 stitch sewing machine. So , pelase give me \crafts that i can do to decorate the room. So, Please tell me craft ideas. Lots PLEASE. Thanks in advance. Im good at craft making. Ltos of ideas please. Please give me pictures of nice conforter sets that will match the room. we will get mathcing ones. I want decorating ideas that arnt too little kid girly cause my sister alwasy likes the mature nice looks. but then again im still a bti girly in bedroom design thoguh. Please help. Thanks again in advance. Also websties would be good after you explain. thanks. sorry about my spelling , i just make mistakes when i type fast. bye

  3. What are some calming, cheap bedroom decorating ideas?

    I am moving soon, and my room will be somewhat small. I have a queen size bed and I am wanting to do something cheap but sensual to it? any ideas? red is kinda my theme but i dont plan to paint the walls (they are white). any tips??

  4. my two kids have to share a small bedroom, what are some good space saving and decorating ideas?

    The oldest is a boy, and his sister is 2 years younger. What are some ways I can decorate for each of them without the room looking tacky or junky.

  5. What are some good room themes for teens?

    I am a teen girl wondering. I don't know what room theme to get. I also would like to know about what kind of furniture to get. I want decorating ideas and themes! I love all colors! my fave color is blue! I am interested in animals, music, Hollywood, and lots of other stuff! Thanx for all ur help!

  6. What color or exactly to decorate my kids bedroom?

    I am moving to a house and will needed painted. I wanted to paint and decorate my kids room. Both of them are boys. Three and a five year old. They both will be sleeping in the same room together. I am trying to figure out want to do for them to be happy in our new place and they like cars and balls. I really want it to be special.

  7. I would like ideas to decorate my kids bedroom?

    I have a 10 year old girl, and a 4 year old boy they are sharing a bedroom at the moment. I would like soom ideas that would make them both happy!!!

  8. How to simply make over a office/lounge in a weekend- decorating ideas please!?

    Ok, time for a new look... The rooms in question are my bedroom and my lounge office area (same area). Mostly the office/lounge room needs some work... This is like a 2nd/3rd lounge room in the house (others arent mine) not a main one so simple with my own little touches (autographs paintings etc..) I get all inspired to make it better and then... I get stuck in the ideas process! There is a large jarrah workbench which is fixed to one wall, a big tv, few computers (only one in use) cupboards.. one lounge chair... I have heap of autographs which I should do something with.. the walls are blue, like kids room blue - YUK! I dont know if I can paint them though so maybe I should blend the room to dull the walls a bit till I can paint them. Is there any websites with layout ideas, and simply effective ideas for layouts of room etc.. I need some inspiration from somewhere.

  9. What are some good ideas for decorating a girls room?

    Ok now I'm 11 and I dont want anything like a little kid for my bedroom but I want a theam. What are some good ideas for it?

  10. I need some decorating tips for a kids bedroom?

    We are moving into an apartment and my kids will be sharing a room. They are a four year old boy and a two year old girl. I need some decoration ideas for their bedroom that I can do in an apartment. I know I can't paint or nail too much stuff to the walls.

  11. How should I decorate my boys room?

    I have a 8, 3 and 3 month old in the same bedroom. I want to move but the 3 bedroom apt are full and we can't afford a house right now.

  12. How can I decorate my kids bedroom? They will share the room.?

    I will move and my kids need to share the bedroom. The problem is that the boy is 10 years old and my daugther is 4. I want some ideas on how decorate it.

  13. Please Please Please please help me! Decorating ideas for a two girls sharing a bedroom.?

    I need some help. Im the oldest sister and me and my sister are each gettting twin beds. What colour scheme should I go with. A colour that we both like . What do you think of pink and orange. Like not too little kid girly. She's 7 and Im 11. Any Ideas. Also I really want to make some make it yourself crafts that could decorate the room. Thanks is advance to all the upcoming ideas. I can also sew and can borrow my mom's sewing machine. So, it can be any Do it yourself craft. My mom can also help make it for me but I want to try doing this on my own. So ya crafts ideas anything! thansk