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Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Need decorating ideas for black bedroom furniture-please helpl?

    I have a small bedroom with a black bedroom set-queen bed, nightstand, dresser, and armoire. The walls are white with tan carpet. I went out and purchased a sateen black down comfort with a set of soft pink sheets but Im not sure Im going to be able to use it because there is just way way to much black. Can anyone suggest any ideas. Im just wanting a room that is pretty soft and romantic. I love the new furniture but I dont have any idea on how to decorate with it. Im not a "red" person, its never been one of my favorite colors. Any ideas on whether i should return the comforter and sheets and start over? I have no accents pieces yet so Im starting fresh.

  2. How do i decorate my bedroom?

    I have a pretty small bedroom (yellow beige mix) and a futon,nightstand,rabbit cage, and a tall dresser. I am 14 and i want to know some ideas on decorating. I cant paint it so i need some tips to make it spunky. Im a girl and an animal lover, dancer, volleyballer,and singer. How do i combine those??? Please help!

  3. Any ideas on decorating a small bedroom?

    My dad moved to a new house and im stuck with the smallest bedroom. I'm really into modern furniture and crazy patterns but i have a tight budget. I have allot of stuff and i also need ideas on organizing. I'm always in my room and i need to make it look bigger. Any good ideas?

  4. I am 14 an traded rooms with my brother now I have more space and need decorating ideas...?

    I have a small bedroom, decent sized bath and a playroom den kind of area that is open space. I have some ideas but I want it to be cool and creative. For my room I have an under-the-water theme. Should I paint my walls blue? It's an ok color but I'd like something lighter.

  5. What are some things to decorate my bedroom?

    I have a small bedroom, and its a beach theme; mostly blue and green, some purple. What can I do to it to make it more beach-ish?

  6. How can I re-decorate my room into an 80's teen room like the record store in the movie Pretty In Pink?

    I need some ideas for a small teen bedroom 80's style, based on the record store from Pretty In Pink.

  7. Any ideas about decorating extremely small bedroom?

    11 x 9 foot. I can squeeze in a queen sized bed, (there are 2 of us), but any ideas on arrangement, storage?, decor? (Tall ceilings, tho' 11-foot. Fabulous ideas!! Any more ideas on using the 11 foot height for storage?

  8. Single Guy: Any ideas for a bedroom decor- masculine but sexy?

    Hi, Any tips for how to decorate a small bedroom for a single guy who wants the room to have an exotic, but simple theme thats kinda hot and intimate for female visitores??? Thanks also what about a bed frame which is more sexy wood or iron (iron could obviously be more fun) use your imagination

  9. DIY or cheap decorating ideas for a small bedroom?

    I was hoping to find some ideas for ways to decorate the walls in my room. My room is about 8'x10' and the walls go up about 11'. Does anybody have any ideas? It would be very appreciated! Thanks!