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Living Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Need help with decorating living room & ideas for good decorating books/websites?

    Hello! Was wondering what your favorite book, magazine, &/or website was for decorating ideas? Also I am redoing my living room and I painted the walls a chocolate brown called Traditional (Behr) and my furniture is a light cream colored sectional. So now I am stuck on what to do for curtains, area rugs, mirrors, wall decor? ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for everyone's time.

  2. Decorating a college apartment?

    My am in college and next semester my best friend and I are getting an apartment together. She is kind of boyish and I am super girly. We will each have our own bedrooms and bathrooms and she said that I could decorate our Living room, kitchen, and dining room as well. I basically have two parts to my question: 1.) When decorating my room and bathroom, I have no furniture yet so it is a blank canvas. Where can I find some cheap durable pieces that I can transfer to my house when I graduate? Also, where are some cute decorating ideas? I love the home interior kind of stuff with the wrought iron and etc, but I am still yound and want to incorporate livliness! I also love pink and green. Where can I find cute accessories? 2.) For the living room and dining room, we have antique furniture that is very not our style. I will have to work around it until we can save for others. How can I modernize it and where can I find cheap but classy looking stuff to replace it? Thanks!

  3. what color pillows go well with my red couch?

    I just moved in to my apartment. the only thing that's red in my living room is my couch. The carpet is light brown and the walls are antique white. Any other decorating ideas are welcome.

  4. What color should i paint my living room floor?

    I'm trying to remodel on a budget. The carpet in the living room has to go, and I've been seeing a lot of really nice looking rooms with painted floors. The only problem is the walls are wood paneling and my roommate doesn't want to paint them. So I don't know what color would look good with that dark wood paneling. It limits me because I had originally intended on using bright colors to brighten up the room and I've also been very inspired my Mexican style decorating lately. Any ideas?

  5. Help with layout of living room and decorating ideas?

    I have recently bought a lot of things from Ikea and Pottery Barn and I have new living room and bedroom furniture arriving this week, is there a site online that helps with the layout of furniture and maybe something that can help me with placement of accessories . I bought what I liked and have themes for each childs rooms but I am worried that the living room will look cluttered instead of shabby in a good way lol. Thanks

  6. Where can i find some cheap counted cross stitch pattern kits which i can frame ?

    I loooke in michael's but it was a bit expensive for my budget , i need big ones to hang on my living room walls. Can i find ssuch kits in walmart too? Any other home decorating ideas (affordable)