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Baby Room Decorations Child Questions Answered!

  1. Where do you put your second child in a split level home?

    My daughter is 7 & sleeps downstairs adjacent to our bedroom. We’re expecting a new baby next year. I’m curious to know what others have done in a similar situation & what worked for you. I really can’t see moving my daughter upstairs, but it seems like it will be more stressful to have to run up/down to attend to the new baby. Please only reply on what you have done, not what you would do in this situation. Thanks!

  2. What are some inexpensive ideas for hosting a baby shower?

    I am on a budget and throwing a friend a shower. I want to make it really nice because she is pregnant and going thru an awful divorce. She has (obviously) been under alot of stress and I just want to make the shower beautiful for her. It will be a small shower at my house but I want to have food, table decorations that are classy looking, and a cople of fun games to play~ Thanks in advance!

  3. How can I creatively decorate my kids rooms without painting?

    I have a 7 yr old boy and a 3 yr old girl. I need ideas on decorating their rooms without painting them. Thanks.

  4. How do you add storage and organization to my small single wide mobile home?

    I live in a single wide mobile home with my husband and two small kids, we recently found out we were having another baby. Now I am trying to find answers on how to make my house more organized and not cluttered.

  5. My friend is finding out the sex of her baby,what is a good gift to give to help celebrate?

    My friend is pregnant with her first child and is finding out what the sex of her baby is. I want to know what is a good gift to give her to help celebrate this joyous event. Any suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!! P.S. This is not for a baby shower, just a little something I want to do to help her celebrate.

  6. If we're not supposed to use bumper pads and blankets in cribs why do they sell them?

    Is this for when the baby is older? There's so many adorable and great looking bumper pad/baby quilt sets. If we're not supposed to use them for our babies why do they sell them?

  7. Do you HAVE to convert a room into a nursery for your child while they're an infant?

    Or can it wait until they're a mobile toddler? Can we keep the cradle in the study (it's not like the baby will notice or care about decorations) until we have time to turn it into a room for him/her? It's a money thing, too.

  8. Do newborn babys react with their decorated environment?

    My son and his girlfriend have used every colour imaginable, and the room is full of toys and stuff. Does anyone think this might impact on the baby's calmness or not?

  9. Ideas for kids spongebob themed birthday party?

    Im planning a little girls birthday party and i need some ideas. Shes turning 8, and the theme is spongebob. Its a very small party with only like 5-6 kids. I would appreciate any ideas: food, cake, games, and decorations?

  10. What can i make with metal wire that's useful?

    I'm having a baby and would like things to help me organize or things for a baby's room,or a decoration that will come in handy that I'll use.

  11. How soon is too soon to start decorating a nursery?

    I'm 14 weeks pregnant -- just got back from the doctor's office and heard the baby's heartbeat. Everything seems to be going well. I'm wondering when would be a good time to start decorating the nursery, shopping around for a crib, and such. It still seems rather early to me, especially since we won't find out the baby's gender until August 14. I go back to work the following week, though, so summer seems like a good time to get some of this stuff out of the way. When did you start getting the house ready for your first child?

  12. What can I get a newborn for Christmas?

    My step-daughter is set to have her baby in the next couple of days, so he will only be a couple weeks old on Christmas. Any ideas for Christmas presents? It's hard to find toys for newborns, and she got lots of clothes in her baby showers.

  13. Need to Pull a Baby Shower off in a week, any suggestions?

    My friends is going to be induced early and I need to throw her a early baby shower in as little as a week. Does anyone have any suggestion?