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Girls Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Cute color schemes for a teen girls room and any other ideas to decorate your room on a budget?

    Cute color schemes for a teen girls room and any other ideas to decorate your room on a budget? Like 2 or 3 colours that will go together. I am re doing my bedroom soon. And any other ideas to decorate it on a budget. Wallpaper? would a floral wallpaper look good

  2. How should i decorate other girls doors as a prank in a hotel?

    This weekend,a bunch of girls from my church on going on the revolve tour and we all stay in different hotel rooms.Every year me and the other girls in my room decorate other girls doors and i need some ideas on what to do.

  3. How should I decorate my room?

    Im 17 and I am expecting a baby boy in september. Right now I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my mom but we are moving next month into a 3 bedroom so my son can have a nursery. My room is going to be a lot bigger then it is now and I am gonna have a queen size bed. I have no idea how to decorate my new room. I don't really want it to look like a teen girls room because i will be 18 soon. I want a more sophistacated and relaxing room. any ideas?

  4. How can i make my room more comfy and prettier?

    I'm a 14 year old girl. My dad built my room in the basement for more space, which I'm am very thankful for! The only thing is, the room is a little bit dark, cold and unwelcoming. The walls are gray, and my dad told me that I cant paint the walls a different Color. Any ideas on how to make it prettier and welcoming? I dont have any decorating ideas. By the way I love the color pink!

  5. How should I decorate my bedroom that has forest green carpet and wood paneling?

    I can't change the carpet or paint the walls but I want my room to look more like a teenage girls room. The walls are a really light cream/wood color and the carpet has flecks of purple and tan in it. I just want some ideas as to how to decorate in a way that will tie every thing in. What color furniture? curtains? and bed set?

  6. does anyone have good ideas to decorate a girls room???

    ok about a 6 months ago we painted my room 3 walls light purple and 1 wall dark purple im 15 and i dont have any decorating ideas everything is plain and boring and i have to much space i also have a full bed and behind it no head set so its really boring=///

  7. Decorating ideas for a room that a boy and girl will be sharing?

    We will be moving soon and my kids have to share a room, any ideas how to decorate it and not have it too girly? Have you seen any websites that have ideas? Thanks!