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Dining Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What colors match a dark brown leather couch?

    It is a dark brown (modern?) couch. I moved into a horrible paneled living room and hate it. I can not touch the dark paneling at all (per landlord). There is also dark wood trim around all windows and the frame to the dining room. I am looking to find a matching curtain and rug. Some thing that will liven up this cottage feel. I love the moroccon look or asian indian. Any color ideas for the rug and windows? Any cheap decorating ideas. I love nature rocks, odd pieces of wood, etc.... I am also looking for info on how to put a little flat of grass in a box and how to bring in an outdoor fern. Any info on that would be good. Thank you...

  2. Is there any wedsites that show you how to decorate ur dining room buffet?

    i need links to websites to give me ideas on how to decorate my dining room buffet.

  3. What are some websites that offer pictures of model homes for decorating ideas?

    I am looking for a website that has examples of different kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, bedrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms, dens, offices, garages that are decorated. I need some ideas.

  4. Can you send me pix of your dining rooms if you think they are smart please?

    I'm looking for ideas to decorate my dining room. LOL (David), no worries, I'll wait until the New Year.

  5. How can I decorate a dining room with a solid black wooden table?

    I have a dining table that I love. It is solid black and made of wood. Right now my dining room is white and plain. How can I spruce it up? I really like the idea of a colored wall with white wainscoting but I'm not sure how that would look with my black table.

  6. any ideas of how to decorate a small spare room with a view to?

    using it as a sitting/dining room - any modern ideas? Know any web sites which can give me computer images of what My room could look like? THANKS IN ADVANCE fingers crossed Also considering having a pull-down bed thingie? I have cupboard space for "office" use.

  7. What are some cheap, cute Christmas decorating ideas?

    I have an open kitchen plan and and very open living room and dining room. I am looking for some cheap but cute decorating tips. It is my first year in my new house and all me and my hubby have is a tree because our old place was so small. Any ideas would be great!!!!!

  8. Any Ideas on how to decorate a studio?

    I have a studio apartment, and i need ideas on how to decorate the apartment? So what should i do? How can i make my bedroom sit apart from the rest of the place? How to create a living room or dining room?

  9. How would you decribe the perfect dining room?

    What kind of table would you want? Round, square, long, short, rustic, modern, high up, or not? What chairs would you look for? Comfy, stylish, neutral, colorful, girly, hipster etc? What would you decorate the walls with? What colors would you use? What lighting would you have? What windows would you like, if there are windows ar all? Would you want it open, or more closed off? What other accessories would you include? What else would make this special to you? What makes this the perfect dining room? I need ideas!! Thanks

  10. How can a convert a dining room to a bed room? Temporary only?

    I live in a 1 bed room apt with my two kids. I want to give them the bedroom and "convert" the 10x10 dining room into a bed room for us. Of course I can not build real walls, as it is a rental. I need to make two "walls" to close it off. The only idea that I have come up with is to buy wardrobes and use them as walls. Any idea's would be great! Thanks for your help!!!

  11. My husband and I bought a 1906 bungalow and there are a couple things I'm not sure of.?

    In the kitchen runs a chimey that I am not to sure how to decorate around. I thought a italian grapey feeling would be nice, but open to any ideas. And also in the corner of the dining room is a built in hutch, and I am stumped on display ideas. I dont just want it to be a "clutter" shelf . I really want to bring out the original feeling in this house.I am open to paint color ideas and any decorating ideas.

  12. Can you give mesome tips on Dining Room decoration?

    Hi ...I needed some tips on dining room decoration...like will flower pots increase the beauty of a dining room...Will gradient lighting improve it ...Does white color suit Dining room the best........Does a chandelier look better in a dining room...can I alos have links to sites that have some good pictures of decorated dining rooms...

  13. should the kitchen and dining room be decorated the same?

    I was thinking of a wine and grape design for the kithchen but was not sure if I should keep the same theme for the dining room. They are right next to each other and the dining room is a small space. If I should not decorate the areas the same theme what are some good ideas for the dining room. Pics would help alot!

  14. What's the best color for a dining room?

    My dining room is red, and I mean red, and I hate it! Red is one of my fav colors for clothes, but not for a room. The room was like this when I moved in with my husband. If I had a say so, it would have been a different color. I was just wanting some opinions. The theme is going to be Tuscan. Any ideas of colors or textures and decor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

  15. What to do with a pointless room?

    I have this room 17 by 12 ft. It is the entry to my house. to my dining room, to a hall way, to my bed room, and bathroom. Yeah lots of doors. Right now it is a office/ playroom/ coat hanging room/ den. I hate it doesn't have a soul purpose. Right now it is decorated retro like. Green and orangeish. I love the retro but the deco of the rest of my house is warm and cozy. Someone please help me with ideas on how to make it fully funchinal with a name and a purpose.