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Baby Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some room-theme ideas for a baby room?

    Hey everyone! I was just looking for some ideas for a baby room. How would you decorate a boy's or a girl's baby room? Do you have any ideas that could work for both genders? Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Decorating a baby nursery and need ideas?

    I am moving my room upstairs into a bigger room at my parents house. The room already has a bunk bed that my father refuses to get rid of. I wanted to get rid of it but that's out of the question could anyone think of any cute decorating ideas I could use for the top part of the bunk seeing as that's the part I won't be using.

  3. What are good baby theme that is unique?

    Ok I am confused I want to know what is a good unique idea for a babys room. I don't want the usual but I want something that I can find easy to buy and decorate. Can you all help me??? Or am I alone???

  4. Suggestions for a baby room theme?

    My sister's moving out and me and my fiance are thinking about theme for a baby room. Anyone have any ideas?

  5. I'm looking for decorating ideas for a new baby's room, but we don't know the gender yet?

    We want to have the room decorated by the time the baby is born, but with gender neutral colors that aren't too heavy on yellow (not my favorite color!). We are looking for different paint colors for the walls along with accent decorations and carpet/furniture color ideas. Thanks!

  6. Where can I find good beach/island home decor?

    Its actually for a baby room. I want something nice, not cheesy! Thanks!

  7. What are some fun baby shower ideas?

    My sister is going to have her first baby girl next month, and I take the role for decorate her baby room. I need all your help.

  8. What is a good way to decorate a baby's room???

    give me some idea to do my baby's room in so i can surprise my bf wen the baby gets here i dnt want him to kno i have a 3 bed room house so can i lock the door so he won't go in it??? whut should i do

  9. Decorating ideas for sharing a room with your baby of the oppisite sex?

    I will be sharing a room with my son once he is born. I want to do something that is neutral but not too girly, not too boyish make sence ? Please send me some ideas of bedding or wall color that is neutral. NOTE: i need at least three color schemes

  10. Any ideas for decorating my bedroom?

    I am moving in august and I need ideas for decorating my bedroom. I will be sharing my room with my son, his bedding is baby blue and lime green moons and stars. My favorite colors are hot pink and lime green. I want my part of the room to be relaxing and I want the bed to be the focal point. I am going to have white furniture. I want my side of the room to have a sensual feel. Any ideas?

  11. What are some ideas for decorating my room?

    I have like a baby blue wall color a day bed a white desk a brown dresser with a mirror..... blue carpet a hermit crab cage (with them in it) and a bennie bag chair oh and a cork board PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i really need help! Also if you have any websites to help me out that would be great thanks for all the help!