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Dorm Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some great decorating ideas for my dorm room?

    Hey I'm a male college student looking for ideas to decorate my dorm room with. Currently, my place is quite soulless with mostly furniture, a huge timechart and a preiodic table. Does anyone know of a good place to material or does anyone have any good ideas?

  2. What are some creative ideas to decorate a dorm room?

    Going off to college in the fall &i was wondering if anyone had some creative ideas to decorate a dreary dorm room. Maybe some arts &crafts I could do myself? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Dorm room decorating ideas?

    I want to decorate my small dorm room. Do anyone have any simple easy to do ideas? And I have a roommate so nothing that takes up too much space.

  4. Any good dorm room decorating websites?

    I'm on a limited budget, but I'd like to decorate my dorm room.

  5. What are some unique creative cheap ways to decorate my dorm room?

    I want some really cheap ideas of how I can decorate my dorm room. I have my own room so I don't have to worry about a roommate. And I'm not allowed to paint or put nails in the walls.

  6. What are some cute decorating ideas for a dorm room?

    Ok, so my roommate and I are going with the basic black and white with pops of yellow and fuchsia. Yellow on my side and fuchsia on hers. Our bedspreads are different but both black and white floral pattern. Very cute. I was wondering if anyone knew of any cute DIY dorm decorating ideas I could use? Thanks so much!!

  7. Inexpensive ways to decorate my dorm room for Christmas?

    I don't have much money but want to decorate my dorm room so that it looks nice and not cheap. Any ideas?

  8. What are some things I could do to make my dorm room look awesome?

    My friend and I are moving into a dorm in August. We are both excited about decorating it. We can't paint the walls, but we can put nails in the walls. Do you have any ideas on ways to make a little white dorm room look nice? Any tips?

  9. What is a good site for low cost things for decorating a dorm room?

    I'am starting my first year of college in the fall and really need some good sites with low priced things to help me decorate my dorm room with

  10. What are some good ideas for decorating a dorm room?

    I'm trying to get an early start on ideas for my dorm room next semester. I am an art student and therefore by nature don't want just any "cookie cutter" room. Of course I know about posters, rugs, pictures of friends, beanbags and all.. but I'm looking for something a little more out of the box. Like someting that will make my room stand out from everyone else's. Pictures and website links are greatly appreciated as well (:

  11. how can I organize my dorm room?

    I looked it up online, and my dorm room will have a bed, dresser, closet, desk, and it's very tiny. I was just wondering if anybody had ideas on how I could organize my new dorm. When I toured them, all the dorms I saw were really a mess. I don't want mine to be that way. And further more, does anybody know what I should bring to my dorm?

  12. What posters/decorations do you have in your college dorm?

    I will be attending college next fall and I was wondering what are some ideas to decorate my dorm room. You cannot paint the wall or bring in furniture but anything else is fair game.

  13. What are some cool decorating ideas for dorms?

    What were your favorite decorations you had in your dorm room or saw in someone else's? Have you seen any unique dorm rooms? Any interesting ways of displaying pictures? What are some color themes you like for dorm rooms. I was thinking of doing a dark blue and dark pink for my color theme. What do you think of those colors?

  14. Tips on themes to decorate a guy bedroom?

    I am staying in small dorm room and need ideas on how I can decorate it guyish way but at the same time be appealing and comfortable for any company. Any websites with pictures would be helpful, too. I mean pictures of great room designs if you can find any...

  15. Where can I find cheap/discount stuff for a dorm room?

    I'm trying to find sheets, pillow cases and othe stuff to decorate and put in my dorm room any ideas? the only furniture I'll need is a chair

  16. Tips for decorating my dorm room next semester/ways to keep it organized with 3 people?

    I'm a sophomore in college, and this coming semester I'll be living in a triple - a dorm room with 3 people living in it (me and two of my friends). Any suggestions for how to decorate (inexpensively please!) and keep it organized with multiple people? Thanks! :-)