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Cheap Baby Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. My daughters 3rd birthday is at the end of January and I am looking for ideas for a cute cheap birthday party?

    Im stuck, she doesn't need alot and with Christmas just a month before her birthday she is getting a ton of toys babies especially. Im just looking for some cheap but cute ideas for her birthday party.

  2. where can I order umbrellas in bulk for a baby shower?

    I am throwing my sister a baby shower. I want it to be a "shower" theme. I saw online this woman hung lots of umbrellas as a decor, and gave them away towards the end of the night. Does anybody know where I can find umbrellas in bulk? Doesn't have to be high quality, of course, just something cheap LOL! Thanks.

  3. How can I redo my room in a cheap way, but still look cool,?

    I am a guy that doesn't have much in the way of a budget, about $200 that I could spend. What are some cheap styles that still look nice? And what are some easy to make decorations that don't look tacky?

  4. Where can I buy an affordable pretty christmas tree?

    I'm on a tight budget and this is my new baby's first christmas, so I really want a christmas tree for the pictures of his first christmas. Where can I get an affordable christmas tree? An artificial, small or moderate sized tree as I live in a small apartment.

  5. I am giving a baby shower and dont have much money? anybody have some inexpensive ideas?

    My soon to be mother in law asked me if I would host her daughters baby shower because no one has iniated it ..she says she would do it but she is the mother and it would look bad. i dont have much money and am planning to get married in sept..how can i have a nice baby shower without spending alot??

  6. Where and how to store stuffed animals?

    I have about 25-30 little stuffed animals, but I'm not sure where to store them. Right now they are just in a shopping bag with handles. What would be a good place to store them in? Is it OK if I put them in a plastic storage tub? Thanks in advance for your help!

  7. redecorating toddlers bedroom, should i include education into the design?

    my daughter is turning 2. she got a new toddler bed (espresso colored wood), tinker bell bedding, a tinker bell chair, the little tinker bell couch. so the crib and all the baby toys and decor are going. she's almost at the age where i'm going to introduce letters, numbers, shapes, etc. would buying stuff like alphabet borders, number posters, education stuff be beneficial or should i just let it be her play room? if it doesnt make a difference then i wont bother, but if it does help i think i will include education in the design.

  8. What is a good way to give people Valentine gifts without spluring?

    I was thinking maybe cute friendship rings I found that we had when we were kids. Flowers, are a possibility but I can only spend so much on a number of people. Any easy homemade gifts that don't look cheap and or a squalor. Thank you!!

  9. What is the best snake to have as a pet?

    I am thinking of getting a pet snake and was wondering if there is a certain snake that I can buy that will not be hard to look after. I work five days a week nine till five but I could get friends/family to feed the snake if needed.

  10. Tips on throwing a baby shower on the cheap?

    We are throwing a baby shower for a friend who is finally having her girl(YEAH). Problem is there is little money. There will only be about 10 women there, but we want it to be nice and special for her. I already plan on the diaper cake, but need some more inexpensive ideas.Please help!!! Thanks dmg.. I never thought of a potluck What about games?? I have looked up several, any suggestions??

  11. Looking for ideas on ways to decorate the boy's nursery cheap. (Airplane theme)?

    We have decided to do his room in airplanes and have have searched online for decorations but they cost alot of money. So I need some ideas on what I can do that will not cost alot. Here is what we have: 1.Crib, bed set done in airplanes 2. 2 cute airplane pictures for the wall 3. The wooden letters of his name, to hang on the wall behind his crib. 4. a blanket with airplanes to hang on the wall 5. An airplane rug I need ideas for like a lamp, I can't find one with airplanes for under $60.00. And anything else you can think of. His roon is very bare. I am hoping to get a glider rocker at my baby shower to have in there.But other than that, I don't know! I have bedding, which I did buy off ebay. I got the bedding and the pictures there. That is all they had on ebay that didn't cost alot. So I am basicly looking for ideas on stuff that I can make, so it will not cost alot. I don't really care for the airplane theme, but I was able to get a 12 piece bedding set on ebay very, very cheap. So we went with that, but it seems that that kind of theme is quite costly to buy. So I would like to make some of the stuff if possible.

  12. what accessories are good for my bearded dragons tank ?

    as i am planning on getting a bearded dragon i would like to know if anyone has any advice on what accessories i should put in to my tank for it to be more enjoyable for my bearded dragon, but i do not want there to be to many that him/her gets lost as she/he will only be a baby. thankyou