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Family Room Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. What is the difference between a family room and reception room?

    Is the reception room a living/siting room? If so then what exactly is a family room? How do you decorate it? What do you do in there?

  2. How to decorate my Millsberry family rooms?

    I need help decorating in millsberry. My family rooms are so plain! My main house color is blue and I really need help. Thanks! Also Im trying to do a realistic house! My user name is babyadrey Thanks! Give me your user name and ill take a look at your place.

  3. Does red and purple accents work for a neutral-colored family room?

    I'm trying to think of a good accent color that goes with red. Our family room has cappacino-colored walls with ultra-white baseboards, light brown tile and tan carpet. I want to jazz up the neutral colors with something edgy, yet classy. How does purple and red look together? Maybe purple and red throw pillows, fake purple and red flowers in silver vases and a red rug will go..I'm new to the decorating scene so please let me know if this sounds OK!

  4. How do you decorate your living room and family room?

    We recently got a home that has a living room right when you walk in and a family room in the next room, I was wondering which one to put the TV in and do they both have to have a sofa set? I am confused as to where to start with them. How did you have yours set up?

  5. How should I decorate my family room?

    I recently purchased a house with a fairly open floor plan that has a separate living room and family room. I'm using the living room (at the front of the house) as my tv room (I have a large sectional that takes up most of the room) but now I have no idea what I should use the family room space for. It seems dumb to just have another couch/tv set up... we already use one of the bedrooms as an office and we have our gym equipment in the garage. Any outside the box ideas for the family room space?

  6. Ideas for decorating the walls in our family room; black & white pictures of the kids, or artwork?

    I'd like to update our family room walls a bit, but can't decide if I should put pictures of our kids all over or artwork? If artwork, should it be all from the same artist? Also, thoughts on the large iron barn stars, too country? Our a large wall clock? The room is kind of small... I have brown suede couches, goldish-tan paint on the walls. In particular I have a four foot space above the couch which is in between two large windows - this could be a space for a barn star, or clock, or ? Also, we have one large wall without couches underneath, just a leather chair/side table at the edge of the wall. How do I make something look like it belongs there and not just floating? My style is kind of modern country, I like the look in Pottery Barn. Any ideas on how to make a room look together? Thank you!

  7. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

    I have always had a sorta formal tree in my living room. This year I am going to have a tree in my family room (den). Should I have a decorating theme or should I use just anything and everything? How do you decorate your tree? Any ideas?

  8. Should I stick with 2-3 colors throughout or do a different theme in each room?

    I am buying a new home and I want to go all out with my decorating. Right now I have red furniture which works very well in my family area but I want to do a blue and brown theme in my bedroom which would not match my family room at all. Is it okay to have different colors in each bedroom or is it better to pick 2 or 3 colors and use those colors throughout the entire home. Professional advice would be appreciated.

  9. I am building a new home, im terrible at decorating. What sofa color works with olive walls?

    I am building a very basic two story home, downstairs having a family room den( computer room) kitchen with nook, walk in pantry, half bath and laundry. Upstairs i have split into two suites, each side have a large bedroom, ensuite and 9x10 walk in closet. End of the hall is a walk in linen closet 8x8. Very simple and basic. I like the greens yellows and browns, but have no idea what to do. I have gone to four " interior decorators" but all of them come up with something different. Just looking for some clues or ideas i suppose.. thanks

  10. How to decorate two living room spaces in a house?

    The new house were getting has a living room right when you walk in then a lower level family room where the tv could go. My question is what can you do to the entrance when you walk in so it looks inviting? Does anyone else have a home like this?

  11. Where can i get information on decorating in a Tuscan theme. looking for mantel,wall paint and furnishings.?

    We are remodelling our homes kitchen and family room and would like suggestions on wall colors, fireplace designs, couches/chairs and accessories. The process is overwhelming.... any virtual sites out there that could help us with the selections? other cost effective options for design support?

  12. How to be rid of Huge Entertainment Center?

    I have a huge entertainment center in family room. It holds kid's tv (for playstation only) about 2-3 shelves of books, tons (over 300) video tapes, DVD's (about 100), photo albums and some nick nacks. I've been so hesitant to get rid of it because I wouldn't even begin to know where to store all the stuff in individual pieces of furniture. I'm lousy at decorating and want my home to look nice - how can I get rid of this beast? Ideas for furniture pieces? Thank you.

  13. What do you think about having different decorating themes for each room in the house?

    Is it tacky> Or should every room in the house have the same theme? My cousing has different themes for each room in her house. For ex. she has a "Cape Cod' room which is the den. A "Victorian room" which is the family room. A "Tuscan room" which is the kitchen. A "French room" which is her bedroom.

  14. How can I remove or modify stucco on interior (gypboard) walls?

    We have some remodeling to do in our decorated-in-the-late-70s family room. One long wall is completely covered in stucco, and severely nicotine-stained. (Yuck.) An idea I have is to knock down some of the texture of the stucco possibly by wetting it and scraping it with a scraper, and then sanding. Then we will have to cover it with Kilz and paint. Has anyone out there ever successfully (or unsuccessfully, for that matter) done anything like this? I'm sure it will be a dusty mess, but will it work? My goal is to have maybe slightly textured walls, but not with that stucco look. The only other option is re-drywalling and that would be a big project.

  15. Decorating around a brick wall?

    I have an exposed brick wall in my living/family room that dominates the whole place, making it look dark and small. I need ideas on what decorations/paintings to put on the wall and also what colour schemes I should adopt to offset the brick wall. At the moment, I have dark brown furniture with silver trimmings and I want the room to look warm, spacious and light. Anyone have any ideas? The brick wall is that orange/red brick you find on the exterior of many houses.