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Family Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does your house have a family room and a formal living room?

    We're moving in a few months and our new home will have both. I was curious what kind of furniture or decorating ideas you use for each room? Do you have a tv in both rooms?

  2. Does anyone have any good decorating ideas for a wedding/reception with a ballroom theme?

    Our wedding will be in mid-November in Ohio. We are going to hold the wedding and reception in the same place--a banquet hall that allows use of the gazebo, natural spring, and the rest of the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Renting this place takes up most of our money. But I still want to feel like a princess at the ball when I step into the room (me and my bridesmaids are in ball dresses, the men are in tuxedos). I need help with decorating ideas that won't break our pockets.

  3. What wall color would go well with orange?

    I'm trying to decide what color to paint my family room. I really want to do an orange accent wall, but what other colors should I do? I do NOT want tan, beige, khaki, etc. My furniture is dark brown with light tan. I'm pretty open to anything. Ideas please! I worded that wrong, I mean what color should be on the walls of that same room that compliment the orange accent?

  4. any suggestions to decorate a blank wall without using a painting?

    I have a blank wall in family. The room is painted flat plum. I have a rather large behind loveseat that is blank. I need something funky to put on this wall to brighten it up. Don't want painting or mirror or clock...any suggestions?

  5. Trying to find a paint color that compliments my couch?

    My family is looking for a color to paint our family room. The only problem is our couch is an odd color and its hard to find a complimentary color. Right now the walls are white, but it looks very bland. The color of the couch is kind of a dark greenish/yellow tan. If anyone knows of any websites that can help with finding complimenting colors please let me know. thanks.

  6. I would like to decorate my family room in a gypsy/moroccan style. where do I start?

    I would love an idea on what type of sofa I should purchase. I know they have very ornate sofas with wood frames, but I need something bigger and more practicle, also what color should I choose.