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Family Room Decorating Photos Questions Answered!

  1. what colors are good to have in a family room?

    i tore out my fireplace and put in a wood burning firestove. i want this room to be comfy and make you want to relax on the couch or kick back in the recliner. the only color i have in there is a small portion near the patio and under the fireplace that is a light tan ceramic tile...suggestions? on carpet and wall colors? any websites?

  2. How can I make my room look good?

    How can I make my room be in-fashion without adding posters or having to waste any money?

  3. What would be a good furniture to include in a tiny staff room?

    I want to re-do the staff room at the daycare that I just took over managing. Right now it is used more for storage than anything else. It has a galley-style kitchenette and is very small and L shaped. Ideas anyone?

  4. Any creative ideas for decorating my new home?

    http://s740.photobucket.com/albums/xx43/RussianMobBoss/ This is the front room and eating nook. I was thinking a mahogany brown, but I don't know how it will look with the grey carpets and the greyish brown couch. Any ideas? I love this new place, but it's so empty and drab! Meh I don't like the orange idea. And I like my more old fashioned table!

  5. What are some things to decorate bedroom walls with?

    I'm redecorating my room, and I just painted my walls a sorta light greenish color. I don't want to put up celebrity posters, and I can't paint any designs on the walls. Just hang stuff up I guess. Pics would be helpful.

  6. Need advice on painting and decorating ideas?

    Just bought a new home. Walls are flat white, vaulted ceilings with "half" wall dividing living room and kitchen, and beige carpet. My couch and love seat are also beige. I desperately want to add some color to the main part of my home, but I am not very creative. Would like some suggestions on paint colors and maybe some chair rail, or crown molding? How would I break up the colors going into kitchen or should I paint everything the same color? Thanks in advance for suggestions. I am going to try posting some pictures.

  7. How can I make my SUPER small room look cool? Please include websites for cool beds n desks n bookshelves?

    My friend is getting a huge room n brags about it. I want a cool room too. But I can't do much with my ultra tiny room.

  8. How to decorate a study room?

    Hi, I am a teenager and im decorating a room for study, I want to paint the walls sage green and maybe the furniture white. I want your opinion on this and also tips on how to balance the two colours. Also what kind of pictures, ornaments and rugs I should use and what colours these should should be. Thanks and any other tips would be appreciated. Laura.

  9. How can i decorate my room for my baby's first birthday?what r the thgs i need to buy for decorating?

    Hi all.This is my daughters first birthday.I live in london.I dont know how to decorate my room for this occasion.i now i need to buy baloons,banner,hats.But how can i decorate the room? My husband will be busy for office.i need to do it.infact when he will be at home i want to surprise him by decorating the room bt myself.In which shop i can go to buy birthday thgs?We had a birthday shop here.but now its gone.Its a mobile shop now. Pls give me suggesions.

  10. How can I decorate this room without spending a lot of money?

    In my house, I have this back room where most of the kids hang out. It has a lot of windows and it's a good size room. The only thing is it's kind of boring. I only have girls in my family. So no boyish decorations. I don't want a really bright colored wall but something colorful with bright, modern furniture. How can I decorate this room without spending loads of money?

  11. What are some creative ways of decorating a dorm room?

    Im heading off to college for the first time in two days and I wanted to know of some neat ideas for decorating the room. Any ideas?

  12. How should I decorate a dorm room?

    My girlfriend needs help decorating her dorm room. What can she use besides photos of family and friends. She doesn't want band posters or anything like that. HELP ASAP!