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Family Room Decorating Tips Questions Answered!

  1. White tile floors decorating tips?

    Our house has a very long living room/dining room combo with white ceramic tile. The walls are a light brown color with a white vault ceiling and dark wood center beam in the middle. There is a stone fire place in the living room. Does anyone have some decorating tips? We like dark wood and antique looking furniture. We also have pets so we can't have anything expensive.

  2. Any good tips for decorating my house like the Weasley's?

    Okay, I know this might sound totally ridiculous. But my husband and I love the house on the Harry Potter movies that belongs to the Weasley family. Not the outside. LOL But the over all feel of coziness and well lived in-ness of the inside. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea about decorating anything. Any tips or ideas would be great! Thanks

  3. How can I get into control of clutter?

    i live in a family of 6, and whenever I clean, the mess seams to come right back. How do get control of clutter? And how do i make my house feel like a home, somewhat put together, not like a dorm. Also do you have any diy decorating tips?

  4. What color should I paint my small room to make it appear larger ?

    I just moved & my new room is WAY smaller than my previous one . I have a queen sized bed & it takes up most of the room lol . My tv sits on top of my dresser & I have a floor lamp . Like the tall ones that stand in the corner . But I really want to paimt my room I just need to know like what colors make a room look bigger ? I was thinking about a light grey color . . . Help please ?

  5. How should a 14 year old boy decorate his room?

    my family thinks about repainting the walls of my bedroom. so i want some ideas about what colours should i use to paint my walls. (there are light yellow now and one of them is blue.) also some tips about how to decorate my room?

  6. How can I find my family history for free?

    I just wanted to know how I can find my family history for free. I cannot use one of those immigration ones because my family did migrate a long time ago. Please help because I want to learn about my family history!

  7. what to do with my bedroom (16yo, decorating wise)?

    my parents are renovating the house, the first thing they did was renovate their bedroom (paint and all) and add an ensuite to their bedroom. next was the kitchen, then they added an extension to the family room. all the while little ol me is downstairs in a excrement hole. i have ripped and torn carpet from the 70's. filthy 20yo curtains, my room was made smaller for them to change the staircase (doesnt worry me) so i have exposed drywall, hasnt even been patched and sanded. my other walls are just filthy blonde bricks. ANYWAY ive had enough, its like theve forgotten me, tomorrow ill be moving all my furniture outside and doing the prep work so they have 2 reno my room next. i need design tips, im thinking of going with white walls, black bedspread with black accessories and stainless steel lamps/ accessories as well but it seems a little bland. how can i spice it up a bit? id like to keep it within budget (id be payin for all accessories) but i am able 2 splurge on a few things

  8. How can I decorate a too much small bathroom :I can put it as a challenge for interior decorators.?

    It is only 7"X5",has a shower (without cubicle or any thing like that.so the whole floor gets wet after using it) and a wc just beside it. What can I do to improve it.?As it is an appartment I can't change the plumbing positions. Can't get any solution?I knew that. It is a total give up. I planned a lot.But, you know .No hope.Again,the room is dark.I think u can suggest some soothing colors for the tiles and the walls( except any shade of blue) For those who can still give some realistic, feasible idea of renovating it : Bravo. u are a real genius.thanks a lot oh! I forgot to tell u that it is like a rectangular passage not even a square. no inbuilt shelf or anything. only a tiny corner shelf and a towel rack. The major question is How can I stop the floor getting wet ?

  9. How do you make a geneology chart (family tree)?

    I am really interested in finding out my family history! I am not sure where to look, however, and I cannot pay to use a geneology website. I would appreciate any suggestions! =) Sorry - I spelled Genealogy wrong! I need to look for distant family members because I do not know them past my grandparents. Thanks for your answers though! =) Oh, another thing: I live FAR AWAY from most of my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins). I don't know if this would change anything or not...

  10. Where can I find inexpensive fishing-related artwork?

    We are a big fresh-water fishing family and would like to decorate our family room in a fish-related theme. Does anyone know of a SPECIFIC store or website where we can find posters/prints of fresh-water fishing and/or fish? We are working on a budget, so they would have to be inexpensive or free. Thanks for any tips.

  11. What are some good ideas for first day of school plans for 4th grade?

    This is my first year teaching and I need some tips on what to do for the first few days, other than going over the procedures, rules and testing.

  12. Tips on traveling to disney with children?

    My husband and I are taking out children to disney this summer. We have a 12 year old, a 9 year old, a 5 year old and a 2 year old. (I am also pregnant with twins but they will be staying at home with my mom). We are staying at Port Orleans on disney grounds. So if there are any tips you have please share thank you very much!

  13. How can i find out about my family?

    I want to find out more about my family,where they originally came from,what the family crest is (assuming we have one)and other details about the family.I think i would have to trace my family back hundreds of years to find as much about them as i can. Are there any free websites that i could use to find out this information? If it helps my last name is Beesley I live in the UK and am 3/4 English 1/4 Irish

  14. How can I make the most of my apartment space?

    I have a gorgeous apartment but I don't have it decorated so that it feels like home/sophisticated, which is my style. Can you offer any tips on economical ways to make my apartment look more sophisticated for entertaining and having family over? PS I will only be here for another year or so, and I am on a budget.

  15. I need some ideas for decorating easter eggs?

    I want to decorate eggs with my 2 yr old son for Easter this year but he's allergic to egg whites so I didn't see the sense in doing real eggs. I bought some plastic eggs that we could decorate but I'm not coming up with many clevers ideas on how to do that other than using stickers. I need some fun, easy to clean up ideas for decorating plastic eggs. Thanks!