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Family Room Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. How can I decorate my open wall between the eat in area and the family room that is on the lower level?

    I have an open wall (I mean the wall itself is cut and you can see and even jump on the lowerlevel family room). Are there any ideas, also to be safe for my children...? I ment the wall is open not empty, that means if you wanted you can jump through it down into the family room, can I put just a nice fense and vases with flowers or .... any ideas?

  2. What color should I paint walls in my computer/tv room?

    We have a black couch, black flat screen, and all black office furniture. I want to change up the color of my room. What would be the best color for my walls? Also, I want to know what color pillow to accent my walls. Thanks! Personal decorating pictures or pictures found on the web will help! :) We have oak hardwood floors. We have oak hardwood floors.

  3. I want to use red for large wall what goes good with red?

    We are painting our down stairs walls, you enter into the family room. This room has very high ceilings and walls and a stair case that you see immediately. I would like to paint that wall (stair case wall) Red, what goes good with red and what would you paint the ceiling?

  4. I need ideas for hanging family pictures?

    I have framed pictures from 4X6 to 10X13 in multiple colors, red, green, blue, black, wood and many other colors. There is NO uniformity to any of it. Barely any of them have mats as well. I'd like to make it all look like I meant to put them together. Do I ditch the frames and just tape them together? Spray paint all the frames the same color? It's gotta be cheap! Thanks in advance.

  5. What's an easy, creative way to decorate my room with pictures?

    I have alot of pictures of friends and family and magazine clippings that i want to use to decorate my room, but i don't want to just pin them to the wall or put them in frames. Any idea on what i can do with them?

  6. We have a 2 stored high ceiling family room. Have windows ful on 2 sides of the wall,?

    Placed into upper and lower. If you are facing family room. you will have fireplace straight and 4 long windoes 2 each side ( upper and lower). Right side of wall has 6 windows 3 upper and 3 lower. we have tv hooked up to the wall on left wall and sofa on right wall. Can any on give ideas abt how to decorate my windows and other wall decorations for this room. Any family room pictures/ links for decorations .

  7. How can i decorate my room so it can feel more home-ish?

    I recently moved and my room is a soft yellow and idk how to devorate it without matching the wrong colors. What xan I do to make it more me? I like blue, pink, greens. I wanna hang things on my walls and I can spend some money so any ideas would be great! Thanks.

  8. How can I decorate my rented apartment?

    I rent an apartment in florida and would like to decorate. I am unable to paint the walls which I regret. I am on a tight budget but not to tight and would really like to spruce it up. I have family photos and a really nice picture that at the dollar store but its just not enough. Forget about my room it just has the essentials and that it.

  9. What is a good way to decorate my room that doesnt cost a lot of money?

    Like.. I want to put pictures on the wall. But I want it to look cute. And I want to put other things on the wall and stuff. Give me ANY ideas. It'll help me decide what to do.

  10. How can I decorate the walls of my house?

    Ive found several nice paintings that I would like to put in my living room. Also a few family pictures and some lovely pictures of Jesus Christ. I want to decorate my walls, but dont want to over do it. Any tips on how to do this tastefully?