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Family Room Decorating Furniture Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone have any family room decorating ideas?

    I have a large rectangular shaped family room. I want a big screen, play area for 2 year old and place to put foosball table. (Multifunctional in other words). Anyone with ideas? Pics are very very welcomed.

  2. Do paint colors have to coordinate in the house, or is it OK for each room to have its own flavor?

    I'm getting my house painted. I just received a quote. The guy told me 1 color was nice. Said others were nice 2, but wouldn't coordinate w/ main color. The colors are Sherwin Williams Quixotic Plum as an accent wall in the family room and Mystic Mauve on the other walls. The main areas would be Latte. That's where he said the clash is coming. This is how downstairs flows: Entry way to a 2 story foyer Immediately in front of you on right,stairs. To the left formal area - living & dining. From that room, or a hall, you come to the kitchen w/ a bay eat in. All those wall will be in Latte. Then you come to the family room. The wall facing you will be Quixotic Plum. The others will be Mystic Mauve. His suggestion is to do it Latte and do the other formal room QP. (no furniture yet - wanted the formal red). What is your opinion? Is $1000 +200 4 paint bad? I'd say it's 1300 sq ft area - plus upstairs hall. The trim would be white - said cheaper to touch up stairrail. I didn't like the MM, so trying exclusive Plum. it's a shade darker. Also trying nomadic desert - 1 shade lighter than latte.

  3. How to choose the appropriate curtain?

    I am painting my family room. The main wall with the fireplace is Barn Red. The other walls are a caramel-sand color. My furniture is brown. I am not sure what color curtain to use to tie everything in together?

  4. Paint color suggestions?

    My brother is planning to have his entire house professionally painted and needs help trying to figure out what colors to use. He doesn't like pastels, so something a little darker would be good. Also, he doesn't want to repaint for at least 10 years after this, so he wants colors that are not going to look dated after a couple of years (so nothing too trendy, and no avocado green!). He asked for my help, and so far the colors I've come up with are sage green, and mushroom (grayish brown). These colors seem to go with a lot of other colors so I think decorating would be easier. I also suggested that he might want to also use some cream for the hallways, but he is not convinced. He also doesn't want blue walls, so blue is out. Any ideas for what colors would be easy to match with furniture and other decor? I should make it clear that he want to use one color per room, so the family room may be sage, and the living room may be mushroom. Thanks.

  5. What two accent colors would help brighten a family room with dark leather furniture?

    Hi! We recently bought a beautiful dark brown leather furniture set from Gallery furniture here in Houston. "Our living does not have alot of natural light and I need a couple of accent colors and ideas to brighten up the room.Our walls are painted a Sand color with antique white trim. Any suggestions would be great!

  6. How would I decorate a room with this theme?

    I want to base a room off of this exquisite mermaid painting I have. There are a lot of blues, greens and oranges in the painting. The entire painting is of the mermaid sitting on a rock underwater, her arms are trying to grab her hair, or they are combing her hair. and you can't see her face because her hair is flowing over it. This is an extreme close-up, almost life like picture. I DO NOT want a nautical or even water-beachy theme. I'm trying to base the room off of this beautiful painting. Any, any, any suggestions?

  7. How can I make my store more attractive?

    My family owns a furniture store, in what ways can I make it more appealing to customers? Any ideas are welcome...decoration...inventory... Thanks! It is already arranged in room like sequences and offers coffee and snacks to customers.

  8. i have a problem our new home has a beautiful fireplace in the family room however the family room came with?

    very unique angles that are making it hard to figure out my furniture placement. the room is an L- shaped with the fireplace a little to the right of the bottom part of the L ( hope this makes sense i wish i could draw the layout). I had been thinking of making the fireplace a focal point but it doesn't seem possible and so far all i have come up with is dividing the room in two sections.Maybe a tv area and a reading area but i don't want the fireplace to disappear. Any ideas will be GREATLY APPRECIATED on how i can arrange and decorate. Also what colors would work to make the room warm and inviting. Thanks everyone.