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Small Family Room Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cool ways to decorate my room?

    Its a small room... some original ideas please!

  2. What should I do to make a small, window-less room creative?

    I have a small room in a Manhattan apartment and I'm trying to figure out a way to decorate the walls in a bold/colorful way, probably something incorporating light since it has no natural light. Any ideas?

  3. What are some inexpensive decorating ideas to fill your blank walls?

    New homeowner with many blank walls to fill, but little in the budget to purchase art, wall decorations and such, and tired of my very few picture frames from my old place. My style is contemorary, modern, clean lines, simplistic, if that helps any. Thank you for your ideas, I can research the how to's later, have a great Sunday! I meant contemporary, the phone rang, sorry.

  4. Anyone got any decorating ideas for my trailer?

    I got a trailer, and I need some ideas.... interior, exterior, landscaping, ANYTHING!! plz help!! huh?!?!?! camping trailer?? no! a house trailer.... mobile home!

  5. How to make small house seem more spacious, comforting, and start decorating for the holidays?

    Hi. The title says it all, but to elaborate, I basically want to make my small house more inviting, overly comfortable, and clean. Also, I really want to overdo the whole holiday decorations so that when my parents get home they will feel comfortable, since our house is cluttered with basically no decorations and everything is out of place. we have white walls with white carpets (boring, I know) and I want it to look more festive and colorful, but not tacky. I can't paint or anything, so. Thanks

  6. Any ideas for an 80th birthday party celebration?

    I need help on gift ideas, and unique decorating, etc. It's my mom's birthday and we have rented a room at a resturant. What do you thonk of pictures of my mom during different satges - little girl, teen, wedding, etc? Thanks for all answers.

  7. I want to decorate my room oriental but I need a color scheme that will make my room look bigger.?

    I have a small room and don't want dark colors but I don't want boring colors either. I would like my room to be colorful but still have that oriental feel. And I'm also looking for a oriental bedspread any links? Any ideas? Thanks.

  8. My wedding is coming soon and I need help coming up with decorating ideas for my wedding reception!?

    My colors are red and white. It will be the day before Valentines day next year. The reception hall is your standard rectangle shape. Tile floor, paneled walls. Rather drab. I've bought tons of red and white rose petals and some red and white light up balloons. I've got ribbon and tulle and a million other little pieces but no real ideas on how to pull it together and how to make it pop! Any ideas would be greatly appreciate.

  9. i have an old family fireplace mantle, but no fireplace, woodstove or anything like that.?

    i would like to display it in my living room somehow. (it's a small living room & the mantle is also small. ) does anyone have any decorating ideas for me so that it just won't look like a mantle stuck to the wall with no fireplace underneath? it has a lot of sentimental value. thanks for any suggestions.

  10. What do you suggest to decorate my office desk following some feng shui principles?

    I have heard Feng Shui is good, so i would like to have some ideas i can use in my own space at the office any suggest for it? it is small is not a single room for me...