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Disney Baby Room Decorations Questions Answered!

  1. How can i make a princess room?

    i know im 14 and want a princess room but not like the disney princess in my room, i want like a cute pink frilly baby cute room..... thanks

  2. I am decorating my room, and I want it to be sort of 'Alice In Wonderland' inspired.. suggestions?

    Okay so I am moving soon and my mum said I can do whatever I want to my room. I am thinking a sort of 'alice In Wonderland' look will be awesome. But i'm not sure how to achieve this look. I can paint the walls and everything. Just any links to things like picturesand what not would be muchly appreciated. Also any suggestions or ideas :)

  3. Where can I get adheasive designs like disney pooh and such that go on the wall and stick well?

    There like stickers I think????

  4. baby shower crossword ideas?

    one of my games at my baby shower is going to be a crossword puzzle about me and the baby... all of the answers are going to be displayed somewhere at the party i am running out of ideas for questions though, and need more... what other questions would be fun to put? (example: when is my babys due date? or what am i planning on nameing my baby? or is it a boy or a girl?)

  5. my daughters first birthday ideas plz?

    i was thinking about doing it at the park and having a bbq and having the theme be purple and the disney princess i don't relay know of wat i should have at the party for her to do other then play at the park any ideas? and do u think mixing the disney priness and the purple decorations will be good

  6. Disney Room Theme 4 Newborn?

    We Arnt Doing Winnie The Pooh Cuz my bf doesnt like it we are thinkin of cars or lion king or even thomas and friends what colors should the room be

  7. Name these people with pictures and room pictures :)?

    Name the family, and come up with names for them. Post pictures of anything else to get you a better chance at ten points. Also, comment on the rooms :) My answers will be in the added details. Request if you want more! :) Parents(35 and 33)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-6112406-close-up-of-a-young-man-giving-piggyback-to-woman.php Daughter(6)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-5937140-smiling-creative-girl.php Son(5)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-5012478-good-news.php Twins: Boy and girl(3)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-3220189-good-morning-and-wake-up-mommy.php Baby girl(8 mnths)- http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-6684574-pretty-little-baby-portrait.php Rooms Parents: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-12561884-master-bedroom-with-view-of-the-outdoors.php Daughter: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romgir/romgirbrb/ Boys room: http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romboy/romboymlb/ Baby girls room- http://www.potterybarnkids.com/room/rom/romnur/romnurlmbie/ READDDD! IF YOU COME UP WITH THE NAMES CLOSEST TO MINE! YOU GET TEN POINTS BUT YOU MUST ADD COMMENTS ABOUT THE ROOMS AND POST PICTURES. IF YOU DON'T DO THAT, NO TEN POINTS. I WANT TO GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE WHO DESERVES THEM :) I HAVE WRITTEN MY NAMES DOWN ALREADY! Oops, I forgot one twins room... :/ SO SORRY GUYS! http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-4399365-girl-s-bedroom.php This is the twin girls room!

  8. How would you decorate a baby's room on a small budget?

    A friend of mine is moving into a one level, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. After renovating, upgrades, and re-decorations, I think she has about $1500.00 budget to furnish and decorate the room for the twin girls she's carrying. She's thinking about a Walt Disney Princess' theme. These were my suggestions: 1: Print up pictures (on photo paper) of the disney princess on her computer. 2: Buy inexpensive puzzles, and glue them to a backing. And frame them. 3: Make several a dozen sheets with disney princess material that she can find on sale. Make the curtains for the valance. 4: Buy an inexpensive throw rug for the floor 5: Cover the changing table with a disney princess that she makes. 6: Make the cushions for the rocking chair with some walt disney princess theme material. Does anyone have any other suggestions for my friend? Thanks. Mystic, NO I'm not nuts. This is the budget she has for TWO little girls. Not just one. It's her money she's spending NOT mine!

  9. ok i have a question about what to do once the baby comes?

    hi i am 30w/5 days pregnant with my second and last its a girl i have a 14 month old son who will be 17 months exactly if i deliver on my due date. and i am worried that he will feel as though he is not loved by me or my husband anymore. btw its not the case at all. so once she comes how can i give them equal attention. i am feeling guilty because we have spent money on the girl. here is the deal when i got pregnant with my son we didnt have enough money to paint his room other then a pale yellow its like a off white. but we did get him whinnie the pooh decorations to hang up. and he did get everything new crib,travel system,cloths etc.we are going to wait until he is 5 so he can pick out the theme for his room but with the girl we painted her room pink and gave her disney princcess stickers.and that is going to stick until she is like 7 or 8. and we just got her a new crib and clothes. my question is how do i give equal attention and love to both of my babies and is there anything i could do to not make my son feel jelous or unloved or unwanted. and involved he is too little to help out with diapers because he is only 14 months old so any ideas that will help me are greatly appreciated. and antoher question to hit two birds with one stone my son has a hemrroid how do i take care of that and make it go away the peditricion is not in for another week any help thanks

  10. help...need ideas?

    ok. So my spanish teacher Mrs. Herrera is having a baby over the summer, and actually she is my favorite teacher so I wanted to throw her a surprize baby shower 3rd period. Now the classroom i am in she only has periods 1-3 and then a different room 4-6 and the teacher whos rooms are the exact opposite (has a different classroom 1-3 and that classroom 4-6) is Mrs. Heartz and i ta;led to her and she is going to call Mrs. Herrera to her classroom for 2 min so our class can bring in everything from Mrs. Paul's classroom accross the hall and set up and get ready. It is so exciting but I dunno what else to do besides get a balloon and a sort of pastry. I dont even know what king of pastry (like a mini cake or what??) I also dont know what else to do for her and im scared to tell the rest of the class because they might blab...help please and thank you!

  11. Round Bedding?!?!?

    Hello there everyone i'm hoping someone can help me! I am looking for round crib bedding that is not VERY expensive. I am able to spend up to $100 on it and I would love for it to be pink or purple in color. I would really love to find something with the disney princesses on it if possible. If nothing else maybe someone can help me to find a pattern to make them myself or just help me figure out how to make them myself. I'm not very good with a sewing machine but if I have to do it I will figure it out. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

  12. What theme should i choose for the girls? and the boys?

    my quadruplets are due in july, although im sure they will be arriving sooner so im not sure how to decorate their bedrooms?? i have two kids a four year old daughter and her room is decorated like disney princesses. and my three year old sons room is decorated with red firetrucks :) for the quads im thinking of putting the girls in one room and the boys in another so for the girls should it be lavender with different shades of purple with butterflys and flowers or ladybug style with the red and stuff :) for the boys im stuck between a safari jungle room with the browns and greens or a sailors room with the blues and reds???? all advice will be taken....thanks.