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Home Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find home decorations with a Japanese style?

    I'm moving into a new apartment and would like to pull together a light Japanese theme around mostly contemporary styles. I've looked around online and can't find anything which might provide what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for this type of home decoration? Ikea has nice furniture and while I've already selected my bed from there, there isn't much in the way of Japanese styles. Also, I'm not on the West Coast so that does me little good.

  2. Where could I find good home decorations for a good price ?

    Where could I find good home decorations for a good price ?

  3. If you were a marketing manager, how would you increase the appeal of a home decoration store to men? As a man

    If you were a marketing manager, how would you increase the appeal of a home decoration store to men? As a man, what would you want to see in those stores? this is full question that i write it in details. If i were a marketing manager, I would like to ??? please give me answer with more ideas, and details thanks for your help. ask me if you want to have any question. thanks.

  4. what are some good forums for home decorations?

    home decoration interests me, and I'd like to join a forum. I need some questions answered about candelabras, and where would I be able to go online and join a forum of some sort that people could possibly answer. any advice? thanks! ^_^ 10 points by the way! :D

  5. how can i get customers to buy home decorations?

    i need help to get new customers to buy home decorations from me and i'm will to give a 15% off on the first order


    hi mates i want to buy some good quality home decoration staff ,plz help me to find trusted websites who sell this stuff,many thanks plz tell me websites those operate with in india,thanks

  7. What are some of the best websites that can provide good ideas for bedroom decoration?

    Let's say I know nothing about home decoration and my bedroom is so typical. I really want to change that and gain a sense of style .. ha ha. I'm about to change the decoration of my bedroom and I'm lost with the colors and styles .. there are so many things and I want something special.

  8. Selling home decorations from magazines?

    Does anyone know of a good place to sell home decorations through? I was hoping to find a company that I can sell from cateloges or magazines.

  9. Top ten stores for home decoration?

    anyone know the top ten stores for home decoration for example: ikea, pottery barn

  10. I want a home decoration design so how can I get design?

    I want a home decoration design so how can I get design???

  11. Where can I find good used clothing and used art/decoration stores?

    Im in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area of Michigan and Im looking for stores that carry a good amount of used art and home decoration as well as new used clothing stores. Please help!

  12. where to get photo for homes we see in movies?

    How can I get photos for the home decoration I saw in a movie and I want to imitate in my home, I want to know how to get the photos for the home Nicole Kidman shot the stepford wives movie in , one of the scenes she come down stairs and there is a large wooden entrance behind here that looked wonderful Can anybody help please?

  13. Looking for a site that sells gardening statues and home decor?

    My mom loves gardening and little things in her yard to show off. What are good sites for gardening and yard statues or home decorations?

  14. is there a catalog like AVON, that people can work for commissions selling home interior decorations?

    I know someone who saw this particular catalog, but did not get the name other than "home interior decorations". the door to door seller would go with this catalog in a very AVON-lady way. Is there one particular company or many? I'm not talking about direct mail services, but where an individual seller can work on commission for.

  15. Is there an adhesive that I can use easily to laminate plastic tiles?

    I own a small business that deals with home decoration and furnishing and we are beginning to offer this service to our clients.

  16. Where can I ask to turn my cool ideas into cool products?

    Hi! So I came up with lots of cool ideas about Home-Decoration stuffs and Wall Arts. I wonder if there is any company or factory are looking to buy those ideas and produce them? If you know them,please recommend to me. Thank you!