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Home Decoration Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. what do you call those plastic picture frames that hold dozens of shots

    I've seen these in like home decoration magazines. They are made of lose plastic sleeves and hold up to like 40 pictures and you hang it on the wall as decorations. My little brother really wants one.

  2. What other products or services should my custom framing business offer?

    I own a custom framing business in Georgia and only do custom framing. What sort of products or services should I sell to compliment my business? I'm thinking of something along the lines of home decorations or art related stuff. Any ideas?

  3. Where can I find pictures of home decorations from the year 1935-1940?

    I purchased a home built in 1938 in southern California and need pictures of home interior decorations and garden landscapes

  4. How do I make my home more beautiful using decorations and little money?

    I want to really spice up my home on the inside and I dont have much money. Some sites with ideas to decorate would be great, too!

  5. How can i live in the Nether on Minecraft Xbox version?

    Me and my friends built a portal and built stone around it so its safe to live in. But I want to know how can i make the Nether home to look like im not in the Nether like a garden or some good decorations. And pictures would be good

  6. What are some home-made decorations I can make for a Sponge Bob party Theme?

    Please help me!! I love sponge bob and wanna have a party theme sponge bob but I wanna make home-made decorations so it's a little cheaper please give me some Ideas!!

  7. What should you put above a refrigerator when staging your home for sale?

    I have been in the process of staging my home, and I get that storing cereal boxes and other foods above your refrigerator can be considered unsightly and is a staging no-no. But when I remove everything from above the refrigerator, the kitchen looks very bare and the refrigerator seems too big for the space. Is there anything I could put up there (a plant or vases maybe?) that will spruce up the kitchen a bit? Links with photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  8. What are good non expensive room wall decorations for brown and pink?

    I need serious help. I just painted my room fuchsia pink and bought a brown bed set. it is plain brown. i want some stuff on my walls because they are bare. I bought the square shelves but haven't put the up yet. I also have a long brown mirror as well. i want to include pictures on my walls but want it to look good and kind of modern.

  9. What are some good ideas for home activities for a 2 year old?

    We go out a lot to music classes, dance, library, splash pad, playcenters, but I am looking for some new ideas for things to do at home. Thanks!

  10. Anyone have ideas for locker decorations for the jv football team?

    I have absolutely no creativity and this is for the last home game. It is just on their normal locker, not in the locker room. Our school colors are red and white. Please help! I need them to look extra good!

  11. How to improve chances of selling a home?

    We've got a sign in the yards, and now an ad in the paper. We've had a few calls, but no one has come to look at it. We need to sell before the end of summer. We are 'asking' a certain price so we ARE allowing people to try to work us down in case we run out of time (it is a fair price; what the place is worth). Anyways, the ad should begin running in the paper today. What can I do to this place to make it look more spatious and inviting? My BF is a pack rat; we've thrown away gobs and gobs of stuff, but still have a lot of things that should be in storage (we can't afford that). We've painted the back bedroom, and plan on painting the other 2 bedrooms, one of the bath rooms, and the laundry room. I've taken most of the pictures off of the walls to make the room look bigger (but now there's 2 big boxes taking up space in the back bedroom!). Anyone have any tips or links for how to make the place look bigger and better? I've watched a couple of TV shows on this subject. One one show, the lady wanted to make the home look 'homey'. The people told her that was not a good idea; she needed to make it to where people could picture their own furniture/things/ideas in the house. How can I do that?? I'd also like ideas for the outside of the house too.

  12. What are some creative ways you will be decorating your home for Christmas?

    Do you ever do Christmas with a twist? Just wondering some creative ways you will be decorating your home for Xmas.

  13. Is it legal to go door to door selling stuff in a nursing home?

    I am an aspiring photographer but I don't know where to try and start selling my pictures. I thought a nursing home would be a good place because those rooms could often need some decoration. However, something about this seems unkosher. Can I do this?

  14. What can I use to stick decorations to cement board?

    The outside of my business is painted cement board siding. I need to stick foam holiday decorations to it and I'm trying to find something that won't damage it or rip the paint off. I'm toying with the idea of double stick tape of some sort maybe. Any ideas?

  15. How do I class up my 3 bdrm town home?

    Please help me take my 3 bdrm town home from cluttered college flop house to a classy home for a adult parents of four kids? I am renting so I cannot paint. I am depressed when I look around we live in a dump and I know we can do better but I don't know where to start.