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Home Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Home decorating sites where I can easily purchase the items from the pictures?

    Been looking for home decorating sites where I can easily purchase the items from the pictures. Been finding a limitless amount of sites with pictures and different ideas but except for IKEA, I am not finding anything where I can actually get a list of the specific items in the picture and be able to purchase it.

  2. I am looking for a website that can offer decorating ideas for the collectible porcelain lighted houses for?

    We collect Christmas Village houses and we are looking for decorating ideas or tips.

  3. Where can I find good Christmas decor ideas for the exterior of my house?

    I'm looking for some photos of the outside of homes so that I can get Christmas decorating ideas. I'm thinking of doing swags on all of my exterior window sills, but I just found a source of all sizes of grapevine wreaths and now I'm thinking of decorating with grapevine and greens! Any ideas? I have a historic victorian home, two stories with lots of windows and two front doors and a gingerbread front porch. I'm open to suggestions if you have any!

  4. I'm not a good decorator, how can i fix my home up i need ideas on choosing paint colors decorating ideas.

    i need some ideas on how to choose paint colors and decorating ideas i have noooo talent about this at all. my kitchen cabinets are lite in color and the floor has greenish brownish red colors in it

  5. whats a good way to make an apartment feel like a cozy home?

    I never feel like my apartment is "home" so I never really decorate or think outside the box to make it feel like a real home. What are some decorating ideas that are ok to do in a rental. also is there a website for apartment decor? my style is like old fashioned,cozy. and of course i am on a walmart budget.

  6. Any decorating ideas that would go with red couches?

    A family friend just gave me some red leather couches, which are great, but im having trouble with what would match. If you know of any home decorating websites that would be great!

  7. Cheap decorating ideas?

    I'm getting an apartment next year with my boyfriend and we dont have much money. This apartment is very very tiny. We arent allowed to paint the walls or anything. I was wondering if anyof you had any cute CHEAP decorating ideas for small spaces.Where can I get cheap furniture? Do any of you know any DIY crafts? I think I have all the home essentials but I would like some outside opinions or tips. :) My budget is really really low, please keep this in mind. Anything helps though. Thanks. I have fabric to cover old furniture, any tips on how to do a couch?

  8. Any easy and cheap decorating ideas?

    I am in my first apt and it seems so empty. I am basically broke and was hoping for some really easy and cheap decorating ideas... maybe some do it yourself projects. I have furniture and all... i just need some stuff that will spruce the place up.

  9. Does anyone have decorating ideas for a coral reef atmosphere?

    I am director of my church's Vacation Bible School for this year. The theme is the Great Bible Reef, so it is a ocean/coral reef theme. I think the kids are going to love it. Does anyone have any decorating ideas on how to make the atmosphere look like a coral reef? I am looking for ideas that aren't expensive and not too difficult to do. Any help is much appreciated!!

  10. Any good home decorating magazines?

    My husband and I just moved into a new house. I am so confused about how I want the place to look. Does anyone know of any good magazines for home decorating?

  11. Do you have any ideas for designing my massage room?

    Decorating ideas, color, types of pictures, This is a home based business.

  12. Has anyone ever seen a John Deere door on a home? Where could I find one?

    I have recently painted my home in the colors of John Deere and I was looking for a John Deere door or some decorating ideas for the door. I know it sounds silly but it looks really nice after we got it painted.